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RE: Tall Tales: An Engage The Weekend Game

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Three things, two truthful...

  1. I used to sleep walk and one night my dad found me out side, about to jump off the top of a flight of concrete steps leading up to the front of the house thinking I was about to dive into a swimming pool. (I was having a dream). Had he not stopped me I might have done some serious damage.)

  2. I once bit down into a styrofoam swimming kick-board thing, held it there and jumped into the pool...The board floated, I didn't...And it cracked four of my teeth off with it.

  3. When in Monaco we went to the Grand casino and I had a go at roulette. I ended up winning 1000 Euro but got greedy and ended up losing it all again, and the 50 Euro I started with.


Hmmm. This raises some questions. Is G-Dog the type to gamble. Has he uploaded a pic of him smiling I can inspect for clues on story number two.

I've seen sone guys do crazy stuff sleepwalking. In fact that reminded me of a story i can share about Hankey the drunken foreign exchange student back in high school.

Hmmm. If I had to guess I'm thinking either 1 or 3 is the lie. Number 2 sounds like something youd only know could happen if it actually had. So im thinking number 2 is real.

Hmm story one or three.... I think you wouldn't gamble away your money. At least not these days.

So I think number three is the fib. Gunna see wgat other commenters think about your stories.

All will be revealed in time...

Yep, well played...I'm not a gambler although when there we had a go on the roulette. Losing 50 Euro was enough for me...We stopped.

Number 2 is true though for sure...Here's the post I wrote about it.

So. I think the carefully prepared @galenkp planned to lose 50 Euro at the Casino in Monte Carlo for part of the story. It'd be like an admission fee to him.

I did the sleep walk thing when I was a kid so totally buy number 1

Therefore #2 is bullshit. I think he lost the teeth playing linebacker.

Haha sorry @bigtom13, number 3 is false...Number 2 is completely true. I lost money at Monaco, there were no winnings...But yeah cracked my teeth off in the pool by biting down on the kickboard and jumping in. Story below...I posted about it a while ago.

Well. There you go. At least I'm better at stacking shit than I am at being a lie detector! Ahahahaa


Haha, all will be revealed at some stage tomorrow.

These are good! And all without the realm of possibility. I've gotta think about this.

  1. I have a son who used to have vivid dreams and night terrors, and I used to catch him roaming the house still asleep, so I can see this one being true.
  2. Hmmmmm. Maybe.
  3. I can see this happening, too. Fun people enjoy gambling. Wise people prepare to lose what they came with and nothing more, so I can see this being true.

By my own deduction, I shall accuse story 2 of being false!

Story 2, in the pool, with the kick-board.

(sorry, was playing Clue last night)

Haha, this is an example of a great logical mind at work. So...I'll tell you which one is correct later, but I like the logic applied here very much. Stay tuned.

Ok @wwwiebe so the falsity is indeed number 3! I'm not a gambler although when we were there I did lose 50 Euro on the roulette...Seemed the right thing to do, all things considered. There were no winnings! Lol.

The kickboard swimming pool thing...True...Yes, I was an idiot. Here's the post I wrote about it.