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RE: Weekend DIY Birdhouse Part 2

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You and your DIY's mate...Making us mortal lazy blokes look bad!

Seriously though, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting some DIY done around the house on the weekend. Nice work!

We had a good weekend too, not much happened...Shooting Saturday morning and date night Saturday night then a few little chores around the house Sunday...Kind of quiet, but still enjoyable.

Thanks for using the community mate, much appreciated...I hope you will do so again.


Yeah, I remember reading about your date night, I'm glad it was nice! There are some sad things mixed in with that, I think I read that your mother-in-law got diagnosed with cancer, that's very challenging, I'm sorry to hear that! I don't know the scenario but if you look up some essential oils, there are several things that have good track records of making her feel better depending on what's going on such as improving/eliminating nausea, eliminating aches and pains and other things. Not huge but sometimes quality of life is the most important at times and something as easy as an aroma or massage-oil to help can really do wonders. I can elaborate if you'd like but I don't know what your stance is on that type of stuff so I don't want to be pushy. If you don't want to, no worries at all!

I plan on posting in the community with relevant things as much as I can! We often go out or do things on the weekend that are post-worthy and I've posted elsewhere. The rewards are acceptable but it's a shame that it doesn't get more comments and engagement! I think the track record of this community so far is really awesome for engagement!

The DIY projects with our son are a lot of fun, he gets so much joy out of something as simple as building something with wood. I should take a few pictures of our living room lately, he stole a couple of my small pine 2x4's and has them across the living room every single day pretend building stuff like houses, 'master bathrooms' (cracks us up that he gets that specific saying he's building a master bath) and lots of other fun stuff. The absolute best part about it is we don't force him to do any of it. He's got such a great imagination and loves to do anything building so it's really precious to watch.

Yeah man, secondary cancer...She almost dies last year with the primary, mainly through the chemo treatment, and was declared clear...Now, cancer somewhere else...She's having a PET scan as I type this as it turns out. Friday we will know the full extent and the prognosis.

The engagement will come...It's not about the community, that's more about the user. There's hundreds, if not thousands, of comments on other communities, ocd and gems for instance with no comments at all...Build relationships and you'll get comments is a mantra for me, and you too also of course, and yet people don't want to put in the effort. That's ok, I'll take all the comments on my posts, no worries. You know? Makes me fucking angry at times...People begging me for a vote but they invest no effort in building a relationship, or even presenting their own posts with anything close to effort. Anyway, I better take a chill pill. Lol.

Your DIY stuff, the way you involve E with it, will pay dividends for him later. It builds a mindset, curiosity and a think out of the box ethos. But what do I know, I'm not a parent.

I appreciate you remembering the little man’s name, I truly do, though with our exchange on the other post that brought it up I think it’s not too hard to!

Yeah the engagement is sad. Some of the brightest recent stars I’ve come across just fizzled out with no warning. I actually just hacked the shit out of my following list and eliminated over 120 accounts that just stopped posting. Several of them do make it a point to power down and keep taking the money every cycle of the power down, so that’s a damn shame. The best we can do is try to bring more people into the engagement mindset in various ways, be it the weekend events, reminders or just dropping them from our list until they get the hint. The quality ones thankfully stick around so that’s good, going to keep looking for more and more as I can.

Oh cool, so clearly you know what you're about with medical imaging. Depending on the results I might share a bit...We will know Friday.

I think it's good to cull your follow list sometimes, I do the same so mine hovers around 100. I lament the loss of some that I really liked a lot but if they are not here there's no point in me following them...out with the old and in with the new.

What annoys me is the feeling of entitlement many have...The, I'm here so deserve huge votes mentality. It's like a recent chap you came across...A couple of amazing, if way to long, posts and some commenting from hive drummed up by you and I...A what is there in return? A single comment made by that user...One! Yeah, it's time for me to move on to more engaging people, no mater how good the post was. Votes and comments are not an entitlement.

So, cull that list mate. My threshold is about 3 months...Any longer with no posting and they're out.

(Of course I remember his name, I'm pretty good like that.) :)