Weekend: LEGO Fun

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share the fun we had this weekend while building some LEGO. Combining two communities into one?! Let’s do it!


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Castle on High

So the wife recently bought me this awesome set of LEGO! I’m a huge game of thrones fan, I read the books before the TV show even came out so I’ve been into it for a long time. She saw this at a local store and had to grab it, there’s never too many LEGO one can have!

So I am not the biggest fan of the Red Keep but it was a cool build nonetheless. Once the little man gets ahold of it and breaks it apart, the LEGO pieces it came with will be great additions to our growing collection. There’s some really unique ones and the colors are great!


Yes that is a 2x4” piece of wood lol. Our son has been really into construction and stole several of my spare 2x4 pieces and has them across the living room.

Back to LEGO though! These pieces are really cool, they’ve got some great colors all over them. The red looks great but I also like the white ones, they have the color blended look of cobblestone and marble. Really interesting job by the LEGO designers! There’s lots of different flavors of the colors too, so overall happy with that!


The set also comes with some really unique and interesting ones as well. There’s some sweet curves that are meant for the walls of a castle or something where the guards are. Definitely liked those ones for our collection! It’s also got these great blue water square tiles, so that was fun to see. I have lots of ideas with using those in different builds later. We got numerous peg holes too so we can put up flag poles and pillars, things we didn’t have many or any of before. The green color was fun too, that will help when the little man wants to build some tree and grass things.


The top part of the castle has all these neat pieces. Those L shaped ones with holes in each were a sweet score that will make for some interesting things. It’s funny that as I’m typing this I’m focusing on the ways I can use the parts from this build for other things lol. That’s how my brain works I guess, I like to build it but I also want to take it apart and do something else with it!

So one of the things that was very tough to realize is losing one small but important piece messes all kinds of things up with the build! I was missing an L corner stack block for the tower and it ruined it for a while. We’ve got plenty of them in other colors but I wanted to make sure we found it for this build so it could be complete. Once I build something like this I don’t mind if I can’t find all the pieces again since I most likely won’t build it again from the directions.


So now that the build was complete it was cool to look at for a little bit before the little man destroyed it lol. He did good helping me out with the build though so that was fun. He lost his cool a little bit but that’s ok, some of the pieces weren’t that easy to get on.

I like the cool towers and spears that are pointing in the air all over the place. The little entrance to the towers was something I wasn’t expecting to build, I liked that. It was also pretty interesting that you could take the upper part of the castle off and get access to the small dungeon underneath it lol. Not sure that was their intent but it worked out.

Check out below for some cool snaps of the castle!





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This good toys

It was great toys kndeed!

I didn't know Lego made GoT sets! I'll have to check it out.

Toy envy?


I didn't either! This company, mega blocks, is the knock off version of LEGO but they have some pretty decent stuff. This must be their top of the line stuff lol they always sell stuff at the dollar store I've never seen it elsewhere. Think my wife got this at a Target store, not sure where you get your stuff down unda!

I almost went and looked for more today at the stores but I had a few things to do that I didn't want to delay lol. It was a serious internal debate whether or not to look though!

Ah ok, not LEGO branded...That makes more sense now. Still cool though. Check out Sluban online. Not quite the same quality and precision as Lego, but some cool sets..

I use Target, Amazon, Kmart, Big W and Myer to get my Lego usually...Whomever has 20% off at the time gets my business.

Lego has moved on since I was a kid. I had this great yellow castle but no pre made towers or turrets.. all built from bricks. And a drawstring bridge that really worked with a little winding mechanism. Memories...

Yeah! That's some great memories indeed! We have some of that same awesome stuff at my parents house! My mom is currently holding my childhood LEGO hostage but that's another story lol.

They have come a long way indeed, some I don't really like but there's some crazy stuff! I'm jelly of Galen's awesome Land Rover!

That is really cool. I'm jealous.

Why? Lego didn't exist when I was a kid. We had to build stuff out of dirt clods and rocks. Wasn't near as cool.

My baby brother had some, he was 15 years younger than me. Just bricks, but pretty darn cool none the less.

Yeah LEGO is a lot of fun! When I was a kid we had those and Lincoln logs. Do you know if you had those? It’s more difficult with clay and mud but we also did build things with that and lots of sticks so it’s just great doing some kind of building work!

My parents house still has the 55 gallon tote container that’s got the LEGO we had as a kid but my mom is holding it hostage like a pain in the ass.

Thanks for checking it out man!

You are not the fan of Red Keeps :P
I was into the show but never had time to read the books. There was a colleague at my office who was a true fan of GOT and she was always furious how the show did not truly justified the book. I was okay with the show tbh. The last season was the blooper.
The Lego weekend seems like a fun project.😀

It’s funny I still haven’t finished the show! Don’t spoil it for me :D. I’m hoping to get a free month of HBO or collect enough rewards on one of our things to pay for it lol. I have the money to do it of course but we are trying to limit discretionary spending as much as we can.

I was a little annoyed with how the show deviated from the books but I read the books because I had a job where there was a decent amount of downtime so I had ample opportunity to do some light reading between stuff so that was nice. I would read on the train commuting too after that, so I’ve gotten a fair amount of reading done. It’s nice but these days I don’t have that luxury lol.

Thanks for checking it out my friend! It’s not the only weekend project we did, I will try to share some of my other one tomorrow!

I used my free month of HBO to watch the last season :) It was worth it specially I don't what's in the book anyway. But, I guess the last season was not from the book.Good luck with the last season. It is visually stunning - that much I can reveal 😇

Yeah the visual stuff is pretty wild. In the first few seasons it was a lot of nudity then in the last it’s a lot of great visual effects lol

True. My wife stopped watching after the first season just because of that- nudity. I did not stop 😄


@cmplxty transferred Sept 22...


Cool, thanks! Let me know when you want to revisit it!

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