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RE: Tall Tales: An Engage The Weekend Game

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This is really cool, what an interesting topic idea that could become routine perhaps! Thanks to you and Galen for putting this together!

The women story, number one, sounds like the one that never happened, as much as we would love to think it did!

Hmm let’s see, two facts and one lie?

Story number one:
I didn’t go to the bars much with expectations of meeting women when I was younger. I would go with friends and feign the guy thing but it wasn’t my scene, I wasn’t very good at meaningless conversation that was kind of forced. One night though, I went to a bar with a friend and it was different. We met with some friends and they had friends with them so we all started talking. I hit it off with one and they had to go so naturally I had to get her number. What did she give me? Her business card! It was the strangest but coolest thing I had encountered!

Story number 2:
When we were teenagers we had some friends that were older and would buy us beer and stuff. We would party up in the woods and have a pretty fun time. One night, it got pretty rowdy and we ended up lighting a couch on fire! I had gotten kind of bored of it and they were getting a bit too dangerous for my liking so I had left and walked home. Not even 10 minutes after I had started walking down the street the cops showed up and arrested everyone at the party! I barely escaped with my clean record!

Story number 3:
I had worked with my dad in peoples houses for a number of years doing electrical work. We would see some pretty cool things here and there but this one house in a nice neighborhood was crazy! I was in the attic waiting for a wire to come up when I was exploring a bit and saw a hole in the chimney on the back. Curiosity got me and I looked in to see what was there and there was a bunch of voodoo dolls with some crazy satanic stuff tucked away, with peoples items on the dolls. The family that owned the house for a long time was a seemingly normal looking one with good jobs. I didn’t know what the hell to do so I just put it back and never told my dad!

Which one is the lie? Let’s see if you can figure it out!


Hey man! Glad you liked the idea. I'll ge doing it weekly from now on. Its a fun time for sure.

Number 1 & 2 sound plausible to me. Even number three but if i had to choose id lay number three is the lie. But man if its not who knows what that stuff is doing up in that families chimney. Could be some other contractor cursed them and put it there ond time to bring them bad luck.

Sorry for the late reply, busy busy!

I think I may have an issue with telling lies, you figured it out! Number 3 is indeed something that never happened lol

Really awesome concept though, it's a lot of fun!

Ill be doing it again next week tune in then! And have your lies ready!

They are all really believable for me.

I had a friend who didn't like the small talk so he'd always say he was gay (he wasn't even close) but most nights some girl would take the mission to 'straighten my friend out'. He got laid a lot and didn't have to waste much time at the hunt, either.

I had a couple of close calls, but no one I know ended up leaving high school with a clean record. I'm going to call BS on #2.

Haha thanks for checking it out! It was actually number 3, the other two did really happen!

Number two was pretty sketchy, learning that everyone got arrested for it. The court system made a lot of money off my friends and they had to deal with it for about a year! Glad I escaped by the skin of my teeth lol

Ugggghhh. My dog has co parents and in the fullness of life got to spend a summer in Wisconsin. They had lost their lab 3 years prior and buried her on the property. Erv planted some daffodils over her. When Sam got there 3 years later he treated that place with respect. He walked around it and occasionally stopped to smell. I might not have believed the story but I stayed at their place for a week with Sam that summer (they had a big family deal going on and it was a great ride for me) and I saw his behavior myself.

So nicely done. Fooled me completely.