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Hi fellow Weekenders,

Today we visited the lake house to take some time out and saw an issue!


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Starts a Trickle

It’s never good when you go into a house, particularly one you aren’t actively living in and see issues. When the ceiling fell in that makes it even worse! Thankfully it might be good that it’s winter and the bacteria in mold are probably having issues surviving.

So this weekend it was a bit sunny and nice so we decided to go take a look at the lake house. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been up there so why not go for a drive. After the fiasco with the assholes towing our car we figure we leave the car there for a few weeks while we fight it out about the car. The only thing we have to do now is to check on it routinely. We got the oil changed in the car since we won’t be driving it actively for 3-4 months and it was due anyways. When I finished winterizing the thing which just basically consisted of plugging up the tail pipe so critters don’t crawl in there because it’s an escape from the wind, it was time to go have a look in the house.

It’s a good thing we did for a few reasons. One of them being that the fridge wasn’t emptied yet! Oops. There were worms in there September lol nice and smelly now.. and a little bit hairy. We got all of the stuff cleaned out of the fridge and I came home 2 beers richer so that was awesome! I haven’t had beer in maybe a year and a half so definitely cracked one of them open a little while ago!

We got finished doing all that stuff when we just decided to take a gander around the house to make sure there wasn’t anything amiss like dead critters or anything since the house isn’t the most secure. My wife stumbled upon this mess! Obvious signs of the roof leaking or some extra water somehow getting in and pooling up. Not good but the best thing is that there was minimal mold. I could only see mold on the outside here, it the eaves I didn’t see anything.


Just a little bit of the mold on the right side I think. That’s where the other section of the ceiling is separated by the beam.


Looking to the other side there is potential for some surface mold on the backside of the sheet rock but it’s not bad like I’ve seen in some other scenarios. All of the sheet rock in the area will need to go though because it’s hard to catch the spores sometimes so it’s best to just rip down a bunch while you can.


Of course the little man was up there looking around having fun. He gave his official report later to my wife’s uncle, and it cost him a dollar. He’s been getting some rewards for doing some chores around the house so he’s had a lot of fun in these scenarios feeling like a real working man.


Not the best thing to find but thankfully it’s not as bad as it could be. I don’t know if her uncles going to have me help him fix it all but I’m hoping he does, it’s a lot of fun doing that stuff! Except hanging sheet rock on the ceiling, that sucks! Lol

What was your weekend like? Any potential projects you noticed?

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Oh my - as someone who just moved house the last weeks after termites ravaged the roof rafters of our last house, I empathize!! Urgh. Water is SUCH a powerful force - and that drip, drip, drip is astoundingly powerful. Good you located it!!

Good luck with repairs and Happy Monday from Thailand.

Happy Monday! What's the weather like in Thailand about now? Is it rain season? Just curious!

Yeah that's tough, we had a little experience with the little critters this summer! They were going to town on a wood pile that we moved. Thankfully it was the pile not the house lol. We haven't seen obvious signs of damage from them so that's good. The water is indeed one hell of a force! We had water damage in our condo and it was crazy what it did and how much built up before letting go. Mother nature at its best, for better or worse lol.


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Reminds me of a particular song from Black Uhuru. Of course if you own the house you can't exactly refuse to pay the rent though. Either way hope you get things fixed up properly soon. Mold, especially black mold is no friend.

Just a small issue there, but looks like E-dog's on the job - Nothing he can't handle I reckon.

Hahaha yeah, he was the foreman on the job site so we knew we were in good hands!

He's got you sorted bro.

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