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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today our son and I decided to spend some time at the lake since the house is going to be closing up in a few weeks.


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We aren't sure if my wife's uncle is going to say don't go to the property at all. It sounds kind of silly to not let us go on the property if we don't go into the house at all but you never know, he's done some odd things but he owns it so we don't want to get him annoyed.

The fish weren't particularly populous when we came today but it's getting substantially colder now than it has in the past few years so maybe they are retreating into the deeper waters, getting ready for the long winters. We're hoping that this means the bass are going to come out in stronger numbers since the bass typically prefer the colder water. Still all sunfish today but they are a fun little fish to catch.

According to my dad, these are called Pumpkinseed sunfish. They are often a pretty decent size and sometimes they fight like a bass! This one was a pretty good one.


Each one of these is a different fish, I promise lol. This was the biggest pumpkinseed we caught of the day. Little porker!


Of course when we were getting ready to leave, we figure let's finish off the worms and see if we can get some bites. That's when we caught a bunch more fish!


Smaller sunfish but still a fun fight.


Now this little guy! Our son was so excited because he was able to hold the fish all on his own while I got the hook out. He kept saying "that's my size, let me try!!" and I was hesitant but had to let him experience it, he has held a few this summer and loves it but this might be the smallest one lol. If you've ever caught sunfish you know that the things have these crazy spines on their back! Those always get our son since his hand isn't really that big, he tries to hold them then they just spike the hell out of his small hand and he gets scared. Not this little one though! He did awesome and this was actually the very first fish that he held onto the entire time I was trying to get the hook out. I was proud!



So one of the things we are constantly doing is combing the beach. The place was in such shambles for a few years that people thought it was abandoned and they just did all kinds of shenanigans to the property, with several shattered glass bottles all over the place. Makes for not a very pleasant thing to look at when your child is trying to play in the water so the entire summer we've been combing the beach. Today was no different except the town the lake is in drains it during the winter (to the dismay of the fish, since it puts more pressure on them, kind of annoys me but the rich town next door is where the water goes, yuppies) so we had a lot more access to the shoreline without the water. We found

  • numerous shards of glass, one being about half the side of a bottle which was brutal but very glad that we found it and pulled it out.
  • a bunch of nails and other rusted chunks of metal
  • a fishing hook
  • lots of fresh water mussels (I didn't know they were so abundant, great for the ducks lol)
  • a hell of a lot of an invasive species of snail. The local fish and wildlife office has a sign on a bunch of areas of the lake that says if you see snails in the water please take them out and let them die on the grass or dirt. The snails don't have any natural predators in the lake so they destroy some component of the ecology. I don't know what they eat but I'm more then happy to do our part and remove them. I think all summer, we've probably taken out about 100 snails from the area. I don't know if I've ever seen one that was alive though, unless these are alive but I don't think so. The shells are hollow.


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