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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to finally share something I've been meaning to put together for a couple weeks! Some visualizations of how the Weekend Engagement series is going!


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Let's Get Talking

Before I get started, I just want to sincerely thank G-Dog and all of the sponsors like Taraz and those who sponsor it every week. Without the sponsors, this wouldn't be possible, so thank you! This series really brings a lot of humor, joy and engagement to so many of us across the blockchain. I know it's expanded my followers and the ones I am following for sure! That's such an awesome product of this weekly series, we all hope it can continue for as long as it can. We know the best things don't go on forever but until it stops, you bet your ass I will be in that post every weekend!

So I've been meaning to put this together for a while and I finally got the time to do it! I took full advantage of a period of minor slowness at work and spent time going into each of the posts for the past 14 weeks of the #weekend-engagement series to put together some data to analyze! Let's see what the data shows!

I am focusing on engagement more than rewards, since that's what it's about for the series!
I looked at:

  1. Total Number of Comments
  2. Depth of Comments per Reply (If I drop a comment on the engagement post, I then counted the number of replies that original parent comment got, including replies to replies, regardless of how it spiraled [and it did, in hilarious ways!])
  3. Number of Unique Comment Threads (each new person to comment on the parent post, excluding any replies that comment got) (also to note, I ignored automated comments like HiveBuzz or PoshBot, and even lame ones like 'nice post' that occur here and there)

So for the first section, I put together some basic line graphs that I think show some cool representation of how prolific the comment sections are to the post! Perhaps we could even add a @hivebuzz badge for the post that got the most comments on the blockchain for the day? That would be really cool in my opinion! (@arcanage what would that take?)

As anyone who has participated in the Weekend Engagement series knows, the comment section for these posts can get very long and full of absolute gold, which is awesome! It looks like Week 4, the draw yourself topic was the one that got the most comments! It was a fantastic topic full of hilarious responses, if you want to reminisce and check it out!


The next measure I took a look at here was to see what weeks had the most number of unique comment threads. It was a close battle between week 4 and week 14! I think it's great that the most recent week topic, which was "Who to follow?" got almost the same number of different comment threads! That means there were almost 60 or so different recommendations for new people! Some great stuff there!


This next one combines a few different measures into the same line graph. It is looking at the number of comments made, the number of different comment threads (the number at each of the different peaks) as well as the depth of comments (thickness of the lines). The thickest and darkest lines received the most comment replies as well as unique threads. What was interesting is that in week 11, photograph your favorite thing it had fewer comment threads but it had a greater comment depth (number of people replying to the parent comment) than it did in week 14 which had more comment threads.


Similar to the graph above, this one just shows the numerical value of the comment thread with the most replies. Week 4 was one that spiraled in hilarity with 81 replies to a parent comment! That's some great spin-off if you ask me!


So I was playing around with this new one. It was a combination bar and line graph that I think was a cool way to look at it. This was looking at the total comments by week against the total unique comment threads on the post. It's a similar way to see the data included in the chart two above but I think this one is a bit easier to visualize. We can easily see that some of the best weeks had the most unique comment threads as well as highest number of comments. It's interesting to see some weeks such as week 3, What is it? topic (with some hilarious exposing of the male cluster of cells of the 'mast' variety [little science trivia for someone who's interested!) had some pretty significant numbers for different comment threads but when compared to other weeks, had fewer overall comments such as week 9 spirit animals and week 10 draw yourself doing something in your country.


This next one is just a visual difference between the number of comments on a post compared to the depth of thread comments each post received. Week 4 is clearly taking the win for the best in all categories overall which is pretty awesome. Let's take a look though to see what the topic was for week 11 to see what garnered so many different comments in the same parent comment! That one is photograph your favorite thing. I remember some of the interesting sentimental things people were posting like books, photography abilities and punching bags among many others. This one brought the second highest depth of comments, there was a lot of love going around that section!


To round out the end with something a lot less complicated looking but equally impressive is seeing the totals of all of it. The 14 week Weekend Engagement series has brought almost 5,000 comments (4,713) to the blockchain! That's a hell of a lot of awesome comments! There are over 500 unique comment threads and the depth of the comments for the most popular comment threads is just shy of 500! I think that's really cool, to show how much of an engagement we are doing for the fun brain-child of uncle G-Dog!


Whatcha Think?

I had so much fun and so many laughs going through each of these posts to collect the data for this little Viz project I put together. I hope others will take a little time to check out their favorite topics, we could even drop some comments after it all! I know I definitely did when I looked at something truly hilarious or memorable in the past posts!

Have you gotten in on the Weekend Engagement? What are your favorite editions of the series? Personally, my favorite is number 3! What is it? The other editions in the series are here:

1 - Leave a comment
2 - Open for anything!
3 - What is it?
4 - Draw yourself
5 - Mystery Item
6 - Draw your ideal job
7 - What would you do?
8 - Who were you?
9 - Spirit animals
10 - Draw yourself doing something in your country
11 - Photograph your favorite thing
12 - What would you send?
13 - Ask Me Anything
14 - Who to follow?

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Ohhh. This is just golden! Thanks for all the work you've done here.

My favorite was my first, I think. #3 What is it. Besides Galen I remember MeesterBoom and ScubaHead really getting after it. I was hooked after the first effort!

I just never considered how much fun could be jammed into commenting on one post. It's silly and fun and serious. Just a plain great way to get it on the blockchain.

Thanks again for this.

You're a big part of the #weekend-engagement cult family Tom and I appreciate it. I'd love to see it push on and up and to see people get engaged and building relationships more and more. That is, after all, what I devised the whole thing for.

It’s a pretty awesome cult family to be a part of. No ritual sacrifices and we get to talk about the most random but memorable shit in the blockchain.

Lol...Yeah, let's hope people are taking advantage of it. It's cool what you did here...Official #weekend-engagement statistician.

Yeah for sure it’s crazy how fun the series has become! I’ve been participating since the first one but that’s because I’ve been lurking in the shadows of Galens posts for many months before all this.

One thing that was so much fun and hilarious was doing the comment counting. There were so many unbelievably hilarious comments and pictures it was not an easy task to get done quickly. I paused and cracked up in real life not just types ‘lol’ and it was a really good way to start the morning!

I'll bet going through all those was fun. Some of the responses were so original and outrageous it was amazing. Then they just kept going...

haha yup I remember that one that was a good giggle. That was easily my favourite but I love drawing like a 4 year old so i always get into those

I've just had so much fun with this. I love that it goes on 3 days so I have some time to think of a really good snappy reply. I'm just not as snappy as I once was :)

best is not to think its what I do

Solid number crunching! It looks like this series of posts is trumping everything else for engagement, week done to galenkp and everyone that gets involved!

Thanks for saying this mate...It's the people who get involved who are the stars though, and I hope people are gaining traction with the relationships they make. Thanks for your sponsorship too.

The bonds that develop between many of us are truly special. I fixed a glitch in my matrix and realized I wasn’t following people like Tom, scuba and Meester but I fixed that quickly!

Ah yes, and that's another reason to cull your follow-list as it identifies gaps. Nice work.

It’s for sure taking the cake for the most comments on a post week in and week out, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Perhaps we could even add a @hivebuzz badge for the post that got the most comments on the blockchain for the day?

This badge already exists and is distributed daily:
You can find it on the Activity tab on your HiveBuzz's board.

PS: you made a typo in my name 😉

Oh cool thanks! I’ve never seen it so it does seem pretty rare. I’ll have to see if I can find it now! Appreciate you getting back to me.

It can be found on the EL post quite often :D

Yeah, they are pretty rare. In more than 4 years on the blockchain, I managed to get only 2 of them, which is not bad tho 😅

BTW, feel free to support my work and vote for me as a witness 😉

It's cool to have these badges and whilst they are not why I do what I do, and certainly not what I devised the #weekend-engagement topic for, they are a good marker. For new people it's good to see a badge or two pop up. I'm hoping to drive the #weekend-engagement onwards, and also to build the Engage the weekend Community a little too...All in the name of engagement, relationship building and in support of newbies and the hive community as a whole.

My concepts have gained a little traction and I hope, with a little more pushing, they'll gain more...I wish I knew exactly what, if any, impact they have had on people out there and their relationship building but I guess I'll never know. Thanks for HiveBuzz by the way. Nice one.

This #weekend-engagement initiative is a nice addition to the weekly author.

Thanks mate, inspires a little bit of engagement which can only be a good thing.

I can't speak for anybody else, but I have several new follows that are engaging routinely and getting to know one another. No doubt in my mind it's working.

Thanks mate, I hope others are doing the same as it's a really decent way to engagers who are obviously getting involved themselves. Less hit and miss than random drop ins to people's blogs which doesn't always work.

I blundered into engagement right away because of my background. I had written for a couple of places that placed really high emphasis on comments. I answered everybody, and people started returning time after time. Everybody was happy.

Yep, it's all pretty simple really, but many don't get it, or ignore the benefit, or are just plain lazy. Still, you can lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink. People have to make their own choices.

I remember when I first started on hive (the other platform); I commented with relevance on many, none of whom I knew, and things went from there. I suppose it helped that a few started following me quickly, and engaged a bit. Some are still around and still engage with me. I simply continued to engage and my account got bigger, slowly. I was happy with that.

Through engagement I met so many interesting people, one a bloke called bigtom as it turns out. It's one of the reasons I am still around as I see value in it, and get enjoyment from it.

I'm publishing my 3rd ever Steem post for a challenge (that the challenger made personal) today. One of the two commentators on that post is lost to the mists of time. One is still part of my circle!

I could really mourn some of the great people that have left. But I'd rather find new sources. Like the kp brothers. Both of you make me think all the time.

I had a sort of crosswise discussion with my buddy yesterday that started with your WWI rifle and bayonet. I allowed to him that I wasn't very fond of bayonets or trenches (like I said to you). We went on to discuss why the fuckhead powers that be in WWI didn't learn the lessons from our Civil War about fixed lines.

He had a great line from a movie "part of it is from the English Inherent Love of Slaughter."

But it came from you, got twisted around and now goes back. That's what it's all about.

That's what engagement is all about...Conversation, ideas, tangents, more conversation and tangents...All done with respect and in a friendly manner. Beats the bickering and slagging people do on Facebook.

Steem post for a challenge

You still posting there? I abandoned it as the shit place it truly is.

Good stats my bro, and things for shining a light on the #weekend-engagement topic.

Week 15 is coming up...An easy one this week...I hope it'll add some great stats to your graphs and more importantly that people get involved, get engaged and build great relationships!

You’re welcome man! I love shining some light and making things like this look cool at a glance so others can easily see the engagement that goes on! I always look forward to the different topics.

I would like to sponsor a week what do you think about using the image below for the “what is it wrong answers?” Topic style? I was going to do 15 hive and will enter but opt out of rewards in favor of someone else.


I also took a picture of this insane mason jar for the same topic idea but I like the sea worm better lol.


Oh yeah, we can do that! I was thinking of a what is it - wrong answers only for this week, but have a different option.

So, to sponsor all you need to do is transfer me the hive (not HBD) with a memo note that it's for week 15 or 16 or whatever.

I've saved that baby dragon image you took and will spring it on hive as a what is it - wrong answers only topic. I'll let you know when I'm doing that and will credit you of course.


Sweet thanks! I think the hive has been sent, I’ll check in a moment to make sure. I’m on the Ecency app and I’ve never transferred before but it looks like it went okay.

That swim-up-your-pee-hole looking thing wears scary as hell to catch lol the things have teeth from what my dad says! He goes ocean fishing and uses them as bait. No thanks, looks like that thing could be some crazy shit.

Yep, got it

I'll get it together...You'll see when it goes live. :)

Wow, that is really cool to see in the charts :)

Thanks! Yeah I thought it was a much more dramatic way to see how prolific the engagement contests have been for comments and engagement! I wanted to count the unique users but that would take way too long lol

Hello @cmplxty,

Excellent job! Congratulations. Statistics are always a good way to analyze behaviors, in this case, they are very flattering, and point out trends, but what makes this weekend event great is the free and sincere expression that people establish, something contagious that does not it can be measured, but it is there.

Thank you for sharing this information.

You’re welcome thanks for checking it out! I’ve been having a lot of fun with stats and various ways to look at them recently so I definitely had to share that on here!

There is definitely a genuine friendship and connection that so many have that are a direct result of the weekend engagement series, it's truly special!

One question, my friend. Where I can get the data to set up the stats? I like would have to elaborate on my own stats. I suppose is a SQL database.

There’s a few options for that. If you want to connect to the hive SQL database you can pay 4 HBD per day or 40 HBD per month. That’s hosted by the account arcange (look him up so I don’t tag him without really needing to). I don’t know how that whole process works.

There’s also ways to connect to hive to get information I think but I’ve never done it. I got some recent data examples from Asher (abh12345) for something else I was working on.

Lastly for this fun visualization I just did manual counting and work to get it because Asher told me it would be easier than trying to get it done via SQL queries.

If you do end up making some data visualizations post(s) please use the community I set up for it! You can cross post into it if you want but I would love to get some more posts going on there!

Thank you for the information, very interesting. I enjoyed your stats about the weekend engagement of G-dog, and I wait for the next event, like also the update stats.

Goodnight my friend.

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