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RE: Weekend DIY Birdhouse Part 2

in Engage the weekend3 months ago

What a good looking project to do with your son! A bird house built with love is far and away the best.

My DIY for the weekend? The endless washer and dryer saga goes on. I went to replace the service breaker (which had died due to operator error) and had the wrong breaker. I'll need to go to an Electrical Supply in town. And I apparently kicked the cable supply cable and had some internet problems throughout the weekend. More of the same, I'm afraid.

Thanks for sharing the bird house. I have winter neighbors that gave me a bird house just before they left but it is now a piece of art in my living room. It is beauty!


Sorry it took me a bit to respond! I was working on my latest small project for the Engagement posts! here if you haven't seen it yet!

I did my own DIY washing machine repair, here a few months ago and it was fun! It can be challenging, as many DIY repairs can, but it's a great learning experience, I think! The saga for you sounds like it's definitely taking some turns, I will try and check it out!

I love doing little DIY projects with our son, he's helped me on so many of them and he gets so much joy out of working with his hands. We are hoping we have a building contractor or something on our hands when he gets older!

It's never too late! My brother the mortgage banker and his buddy bought the buddy's Grandmothers place to settle the contentious estate for his friend. They decided to clean it, then remodel it and sell it. They made a very tidy sum. So they've done 5 or 6 more since. My brother's buddy quit his day job and they are just having fun. They are going to build 2 in the next year now also and are a licensed contractor. He is old enough to retire!