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I stopped the car to take some pictures of three wild Turkeys by the side of the road.

20200217_143107 (2).jpg

20200217_143114 (2).jpg

They didn't just run off, guess they are getting use to people gawking at them ...

20200217_143115 (2).jpg

Turkey trot
A turkey trot is a footrace, usually of the long-distance variety, that is held on or around Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Its name is derived from the use of turkey as the usual centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner.
Source .... wikipedia

edit ... Didn't mean to post in #funny ...

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They are quite big! Bigger than dogs!!

They look big cus they are on two feet. Average bird must weigh 20 plus lbs,or 9 kg

They are much heavier than my cats!!