Honey gain - Content delivery en France

in LeoFinancelast month (edited)

Content delivery seems to be totally released in France, so it really could be the same in many other countries like in the whole Europe for exemple !

As I have barely half the day with it on, I think they have a lot of places and you won't stay a long time in queue anymore.

On this screenshot you can see that the feature unlocked itself only 9 days ago, and during the 8 days I could use it, I shared for around 107 hours. Wich make an average of $0,107 per day added to the amount of data I'm sharing.


It makes that even when you don't share much data, you still earn more than $0,15 a day :

Here you can see $0,115 for content delivery, $0,055 for sharing Data and $0,037 thanks to referrals. It makes $0,207 for a bad day and once again without doing nothing or paying more for internet.

I received my withdrawal the 1st of October and I already have $2,50 in just two weeks. Screenshot_20201016125359.jpg

You can see on the picture that today I'm not sharing a lot, that's because I'm somewhere there is no such internet so I turn it on just when needed ( like for writing this post ).

If you want to try, you can use this link to create you account and get your first $5 for free.