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RE: Hard To Bet Against Steem Right Now

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Hard? I think that it is not so hard, but we will see what will happen.
To be honest, the number of the daily active users on the Steem blockchain is still decreasing since the December of 2017, which is now more than two years. Almost three.


And you think that is a bad thing?

One the surface it looks bad but think back to how things were back then.

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Yes, if a social network is constantly losing its daily active users, then that is a bad thing. And yes, things were bad back then, but nowadays things are even worse. At least in terms of real human interaction. Nowadays the real human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain. You can see that in the statistics.
There were 8124 posts created on 2020.01.23, but the average number of comments were only 3.74. If we take a look at blog posts, then we can see that most of these comments are bot (or spam-like) comments. Sad.
This is only increasing the number of the leaving daily active users.

It sounds bad! Steem needs better marketing and an instant registration, that's my opinion.
Lets make this place more recognized!

It is a consolidation, a chance for the inner few to get to know each other better, imo.
Folks will over run us, once the farmers stop selling.
Once we get a handle on who is just here to strip value, this ship will right itself.
Only once the weak hands have sold can the price rise.
With the ninjamine, and circle jerks, that might take awhile.

Good thing we knew already you were wrong.

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