Leo Miners Are Forever!

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Hy All

About three months ago, I have made the best investment decision in my crypto life i.e. buying 1,000 Leo Miners. And ever since I have been mining Leo and building my reserves steadily.
In my three months of mining, I have accumulated around 500 Leo and powered them up to earns curations rewards too. Apart from the Leo token that have considerably appreciated ever since, my staked Leo Miners have also increased in worth substantially.

I bought my Leo miners @ 2 Hive per miner and now they are going @ 15.5 Hive, that is roughly 6X gain in a period of just 3 months, not considering the Leo I have mined so far.

Leo market.png

96.4% of Leo Miners(LEOM) and 99.5% of Leo Mega Miners(LEOMM) are stacked as of now, showing people's confidence in LeoFinance.



Although my Leo mining average have reduced currently, with increased %age of Leo miner staked but still I daily mine 3-4 Leo on average and more if I get lucky. That's around 1-1.5$ worth tokens daily. This may be a small number for many of you lot, but from part of the world where I comes from it nearly equals the daily per capita income.
Not that I rely on Leo or cryptos for a living but still its kind of reassuring to have a secured regular income source.
All of this makes me think, "Leo Miners are forever"!


LEO divd.png

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The circulating supply is also small!

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I'm sure the thought that you should have gotten more must have crossed your mind. Lol, happens to all of us

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Yeah. Indeed... But Miners are getting out of reach quickly.

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