Largest banks by marketcap - BTC on #4

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but next to BTC, China and its planned economy is also on the rise..


"China and its planned economy is also on the rise.."
Really? I think the biggest Ponzi of all times (a.k.a. the Chinese financial system a.k.a. 130*Enron) is about to burst and drag with it tens of millions of Chinese into the abyss 😟


do you really think that?

looks to me more like China and it's economy is on a big rise and making the whole world depending on China..

The Chinese government does the same as the management of Enron. They create special purpose entities (in special economic zones SEZs) and transfer liabilities like bad debt there. This makes the current and the capital account of China look better than it really is.
Plus, they "print" money like hell (even worse than ECB or Fed), but which is not that transparent.

With that money, among other things, ghost cities are built (to keep people in employment)

I really think this is the biggest bubble ever and a matter of months (or few years) to blow up.

Militarily they are dangerous for their neighbors, but will never be able to compete with the US.

Yeah, I really hope that bubble bursts!

But if everyone goes with them, the bubble will just fly higher? "rise"?
the system is completely fucked, but didnt fail yet, coercion is power.
how should that be stopped and by whom?

also the west pumped really much money and knowledge into China to make them understand markets (in hope that if there are marketeconomies, there will also be democracy?)

so they can build their markets and extract value from it, while pushing global socialism worldwide.. without being stopped, again: who should stop them? looks more like all cheer and are happy.. dont even think about stopping anything

I don't know who or what will stop China, but there are some possibilities:

I don't know what will happen. There are just too many risk factors affecting China. I think China is in a position where the Soviet Union was in around 1988 😕

I agree.

My point was just that I think they'll just try to continue their plan, no matter what it costs..
which basically leads to:

I think China is in a position where the Soviet Union was in around 1988

the soviet long time strategy is also still in play.. so yeah. they won't back off..

and there will be great disasters.. and the western countries wont be able to help.. they have to manage their own shit, work on not following the same path..

a disaster is also not a "stop" for me.. a disaster will be worse than it is right now..

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which chart?

btc chart is interesting rn :)



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