Bitcoin: our most brilliant idea! a meta-idea of freedom!

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I've already made an article, which explains why Free Market = Democracy

Soon after, I found an article which describes the meta-idea of ideas, why ideas are so important and how Free Market Trade and therefore Bitcoin were the most brilliant ideas!

Basically Bitcoin is "fuck you"-money:


America was founded on the three pillars of free market capitalism: private property rights, rule of law, and honest money. The American Consti­tu­tion autho­rized states to issue gold or silver currency, outlawed income tax, and prohib­ited national central banking. Unfor­tu­nately, upon successful imple­men­ta­tion of the American central bank (after two failed attempts), the private property rights founda­tional to free market capitalism became vulner­able to limit­less viola­tion via infla­tion. An example of this failure came with the “Great Gold Robbery of 1933” (aka Execu­tive Order 6102): an uncon­sti­tu­tional decree and blatant viola­tion of private property rights. All govern­ment decrees by fiat are lies (including fiat currency), for truth need never be forced. Free market forces always zero-in on truth.

Truth does not need force.


Bitcoin is the ideolog­ical synthesis of gold and the internet; it perfectly exempli­fies the three pillars of free market capitalism under­girding the idea of America in a form that cannot be perverted by fiat decree. As its money supply cannot be changed, its holders are immune to confis­ca­tion via infla­tion, thus perfecting their private property rights (Pillar 1). Disputes within the Bitcoin network are settled consen­su­ally, and it is imprac­tical to employ violence in an attempt to sway this process, thus perfecting the process of nonvi­o­lent dispute resolu­tion embodied by the rule of law (Pillar 2). By perfecting these first two pillars of free market capitalism, Bitcoin is a self-fulfilling prophecy predes­tined to perfect its final pillar by becoming the final evolu­tion in free-market-selected honest money (Pillar 3). As the only sacro­sanct money in existence, Bitcoin is purified capitalism: a perma­nent imple­men­ta­tion of the soundest socioe­co­nomic “water well” in history:

Compe­ti­tion and collab­o­ra­tion are the trades of life. The conser­vatism of energy is truth — organi­za­tions, methods, and tools that accom­plish the greatest results with the least effort tend toward dominance as they are willingly embraced by market partic­i­pants whose “skin is in the game.” Strict adher­ence to thermo­dy­namic princi­ples is the way all-natural systems grow (there is no other way). Monies, moral­i­ties, and strate­gies that best amplify produc­tivity outcom­pete on the free market for ideas — submis­sion to this truth is freedom. Bitcoin is a system that minimizes compet­i­tive asymme­tries by maximizing account­ability and thereby incen­tivizes fair play and error-clearing in the market.

We are what we build, and we build what we are. Ideation and wealth creation are mere expres­sions of life’s central impulse: growth. Without adequate levels of exchange, the growth of organ­isms and economies deteri­o­rates. On this point, nature is ruthlessly clear: when you’re finished changing, you’re finished. As we age, we experi­ence a slowing of blood flow, which presages a break­down of body and mind. Physical exercise can provide some protec­tion by increasing our metabolic exchange of oxygen, water, and nutri­ents thereby keeping us smarter, healthier, and more energetic as we grow old.

What is true for the individual market partic­i­pant micro­cosm is true for the global market macro­cosm: impeding free trade constricts ideolog­ical “blood flow” and makes the “socioe­co­nomic super­or­ganism” (aka humanity) more vulner­able to disease and death. Close-minded constituents conjure a build-up of misfit­ness to reality for the collec­tive. Creating block­ages to trade via regula­tion and confis­ca­tion — the implicit purpose of central banking — is cancerous to the free market paradigm that invig­o­rates our economic vitality, social morality, and the advance­ment of civiliza­tion.

All individ­uals seek to attain freedom, goods, and power for themselves. Govern­ments are simply a multi­pli­ca­tion of ourselves and our desires, without external gover­nance, and armed with weapons of mass destruc­tion. No amount of tears can wash away the blood war sheds, only practi­cality, properly imple­mented, can prevail. Absent a battle to fight — whether moral or physical — people become weaker. Arraying armies against an enemy gives people cause for unity. Perhaps Bitcoin will serve as a moral alter­na­tive to war — a peaceful yet disci­pli­nary force on humanity.


And most importantly, what we already understand, if not:
my last article: Free Market = Democracy

Money is the ultimate token of trade, and trade is mankind’s meta-idea. Whatever wins as money on the free market is a brilliantly formu­lated, civilizing idea. Capitalism is the socioe­co­nomic system which optimizes for the expan­sion of trade’s scope by respecting free market princi­ples, foremost of which is individual sover­eignty. Bitcoin — an honest money offering its holders invio­lable private property rights and perfected rule of law — is the capstone innova­tion of capitalism. It is as if all trade throughout history led us to the emergence of this idea: an unstop­pable, incor­rupt­ible, and highly acces­sible money. Like ideas, Bitcoin exhibits non-corpo­re­ality, virality, and antifragility — it can be moved at the speed of light and stored in the mind. By virtue of its resis­tance to theft and rooted­ness in the thermo­dy­namics of work, Bitcoin portals us into a world of untold liberty, elevated morality, and enhanced produc­tivity. Bitcoin gives us the freedom to trade without central bank inter­fer­ence, store our wealth in a place resis­tant to seizure, and embrace truth in a world drowning in decep­tion.

this is the article where I found the quotes:

BTC's game-theory is especially interesting and a special kind of meta-idea!

not only does it become more and more valueable, but also countries and other big regulating force-applying trade-parasites can't do much against it



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You are on to something here. I prefer #Hive though.

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Hive over what?

Over Bitcoin

oh, hmmm

I definitely use hive more than bitcoin, but am still sure that there will be a time where you can buy all hive for 1 btc.. :D

That last one is awesome. So very true as well. There was an article the other day where some hedge fund manager was talking about how Governments are going to outlaw BTC as if that would even come close to stopping it!

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couldn´t agree more. Wisely chosen memes. When you have aggressively to convince others, it probably will not work. I see all the cryptos as one giant value network, with experimental stuff in the periphery. Like a tree with leafs

agree, but still dont underestimate bitcoin

stack sats

Wer den Satoshi nicht ehrt ist den Bitcoin nicht wehrt. ;)

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everything right
but btc
just banned itself 3 years ago


  • block size debate, Bitcoin won't be usable as good money in 2021

bitcoin will be the thing with value. you can trade bitcoin to everything you like to then use what you traded as money (any crypto, silver, fiat, weed)

dpos has big problems.. for things like hive it's okay.. but to be better than Bitcoin PoW.. no

Bitcoin saw MASSIV drops in Hashrate within last year. (about 30% in 1-3 days, apparently to rainy season in China). Those drops will probably occure regularly in the near future (safety?)

You will soon pay MORE than at least 10$ for a next block conf tx in btc. If you want it cheap, you need 2nd layer solutions in which you often DONT own your keys (paypal, custodial Lightning Wallets)

Dash has a good balance between PoW and dPOS. It also manages dev funding pretty well.

yes - hashrate adjustments are part of satoshis game-theorey and therefore btc's protocol

as I already said: btc will be the settlement layer, you can use as money whatever you bought with the king BTC

I'm not sure about the dash PoW/ dPOS balance; does it solve any technical problem like bitcoin's PoW?

technical problem like bitcoin's PoW?

i think so. the dPOS layer with dash is called Masternode network. This network also provides security AND performance mechanisms for the overall dash network (Chainlocks, Private Send).

the last meme is beyond great!