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RE: Governments Are Not Invited

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I can't express in words how much I hate governments!


I'm coming to peace with all of it. I'm trying to view things in terms of long view evolution. Life, and the anti-life (govs, corps., religions,...basically the institutional tools we made to help) did just that to get us here. But evolution is constant and useful devolves into detrimental. Just like we start young and vigorous before devolving back to weak and feeble.

The cosmic organism that is life needed to be introduced to the virus of Fascism in order to build defenses against it.

It's all just a part of how it works. You can already see signs of immunity to these things beginning to appear if you look for them. They're everywhere.

Those entities are realizing they have a short life expectancy. They do not fit in a digital world, let alone a virtual one.

Hence they will see their powers reduced. Over the next few decades, this will start to be evident.

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Tbh I think maybe none of us belong in a digital world. We may be seeing the beginning stages of life evolving us into obsolescence.
We aren't driving this train. At best we influence it from time to time but life is doing its own thing and it’ll let us hang out as long as we’re useful. After that who knows how things go down.

LOL I think you just did.

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