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RE: Attention Economy: LEO will be crawling with scammers during the mega-bull run.

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If what you are doing in this space isn't good enough to try to scam, what you are doing is probably not worth doing.

I hope that those on Leo will learn from the past.

  1. Reward disagreement is subjective
  2. There is rarely a need to be hostile about down voting
  3. Quality control can be over done and is rarely fun to watch.

In the past we went from ignoring everything to people going totally overboard after the EIP it was a turn off for almost everyone who was part of the Posse.

Anyway, I look forward to the scammers.

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Scammer is one of the most over used words in Crypto.

A scammer is someone who lies or is personally dishonest to extract money or value.

The word gets used because people choose to get into things for greed and get pissed when it doesn't work out.

A lot more often it is a bad investment vs. a Scam.

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