What is Hive? ( 2-minute Animation Video )

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What is Hive?

Hive is a decentralized, public ecosystem and blockchain. It was started by the community with no central authority.

There is no corporation or a set team of founders behind Hive. It is only backed by the people who loved decentralization like developers, investors, content creators, gamers, NFT lovers, and many more.

Hive enables a protocol where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It’s a new kind of attention economy.

What is the difference of Hive-based social media from the others?

Unlike your mainstream social media projects like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, Hive is built to grant accessible opportunity and a degree of ownership to all of its users. Content posted on Hive is subject to time-based monetization. Try to compare that to other social media that only distribute their profits to their investors and shareholders.

Hive is 100% open-source community-backed without any private corporation controlling it. It is a censorship-resistant blockchain that enables social media platforms to thrive. These platforms cannot censor posts, suspend, delete, or ban anyone from posting due to its decentralized nature; all content is permanently etched into the blockchain itself. To make this simple and clear, we can rest assure that no one has the power to delete your content from the Hive blockchain.

What is the Hive’s advantage over other platforms?

Hive allows the easy storage and retrieval of immutable strings of data and information. It sports three-second zero-fee transactions and is designed to store vast amounts of content and to make it available for time-based monetization.

Hive recognizes that transaction fees are often one of the largest challenges to facilitating development and flexibility of use on a blockchain. Instead of requiring potentially costly and inconvenient transaction fees, it uses a novel stake-based Resource Credit mechanism to create a fee-less model.

To learn more about Hive, please visit hive.io and don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on our community Hive account; @whatishive.

You can also watch it on Youtube

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Good job, but still too long for a clear message.

Stay tune for all our upcoming videos, thank you for commenting ❤️😊

Great video.

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Thanks buddy

Good job making this video. We need more of these type of content to make it easier to onboard new users. It's not the same level as a video from a tech giant. But that is fine. We are a grass roots movement that doesn't rely on Venture Capital or billion dollar marketing budgets. We are a small HIVE that can do big things.

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Big things, yes. But you forgot to mention "for people with big money". If one does not have a lot of Hive Power, then they hardly get any attention. The same on the Steem blockchain. I write this from more than three years of personal experience. I started on the Steem blockchain on 2017.05.17.

One thing I have seen is that those who focus on a tighter community or manage to get attention of few Whales or Orca tend to do manage fine. What we need is more curation initiatives on HIVE. LEO has been doing a decent job at this. It's nowhere near perfect. but it has been a step in the right direction.

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Highly agree, this is only the beginning as we plan to make more of this like videos. Hope it can help many people as possible

That is good to know :-)

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That’s great, thank you for that.
I will be able to raise interest for this community amongst my friends.
Something which would be great to add is how the money is created.
First question I get usually is who pay for people to get paid ? Is it money creation from thin air ?

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Money is created through inflation determined by a decentralized voting mechanism. May I call it decentralized inflation in my own word of terms

I love this comment "Hive is built to grant accessible opportunity and a degree of ownership to all of its users." I think it is most wonderful at helping to explain Hive to newcomers.

Yes, the "ownership" part is important to me.
I found that part, not sure how to express it, heart warming.

I haven't really thought of myself as a part Owner of HIVE but we all are, aren't we.

Thats SOMETHING TO POINT OUT and stress to all of the facefart (et. al.) users. Your content is OWNED BY YOU!

I own myself!

The word "cryptocurrency" only occurs as a hashtag in polish-hive's tweet. ;-(

100 percent upvote, reblogged and tweeted.

As I said in my tweet. Fracking awesome sauce 👍 everyone needs to spread, share this video to the masses.

Well done.


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Good job.


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This is a great video. I'm not a fan of the audio track because it doesn't sound authentic to the viewer. It would be nice if they have more realistic options. I would suggest throwing it on youtube because that is where the people are who could really benefit from videos about hive. From a marketing standpoint Youtube can't be beat. Keep up the great work.

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Its cool

I like it.
My 2 cents. It was still a bit technical for general onboarding of the masses.
Joe Public is all " WTF is an NFT? New F-ing Technology?"
And Joe doesn't understand why "Open Source" important to him! Oh, hold on, I'm sorry Joe doesnt even know what Open Source is let alone why its important.

Make a video that focuses on the difference between the "mainstream" and hive.
Point out all the censorship and corporate control with the "mainstream" and how hive avoids that.

And most importantly.

Why anyone should care.

Thanks for what you are doing.
This comment is sent with love.

Great suggestion

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This is fantastic! Thanks a lot for putting this together - well done!

I'd say the voiceover could be made a little clearer and maybe slower, sometimes it was a little difficult to understand but I'm loving it! Keep up the great work!

Stay tune, as we will do more videos like this, great to have you

Awesome, looking forward to seeing what you have in store!

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This is wonderful content for onboarding new users and for building the user base

Great, we need to get Hive on the masses

This is the best explanations I have ever gotten about hive.
Thanks for the simplicity

Thank you for watching, stay tune for more upcoming videos like this