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RE: Hivers & Crypto Twitter - Are we doing it right? - ¿Lo estamos haciendo bien?

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i dont think the price is a problem. the chart isn't so pretty but it's getting better. if we get back to $0.20 itll look really nice, and it's likely enough.

Most people don't care about that though. They'll see a site when you can make money for blogging and be like "cool!"

But I do think the whole twitter strategy is reckless and far from the best use of our time. Targeting certain threats make be making an impact, but the whole use #hive hashtag...i don't think works and I'M SURE the "drop links on twitter" strategy doesn't work cause the algorithms.

It's hard to find places where links will get seen but I just realized there are some FB groups that allow links if they are relevant and have some explaination.

I just dropped a link to @jrcornel's awesome post about bitcoin price a few hours ago in a crypto facebook group and saw the view count on peakd go up to 100+ in 2 or 3 hours. I can't be sure how many of those are mine but compared to his other posts with similar payout, it's 5-10x higher. I think choosing our favorite posts (not our own) and posting them in facebook groups that allow it is pretty good. I always thought a youtube comments campain would be good but no one was with me on that.

I guess at the end of the day everyone is going to do it the way they feel is best. I wish more people would try to understand the algorithms and social media marketing first though.

I honestly feel like the front ends should be leading the PR right now. Seems they are starting to. I joined the Natural Medicine team to try and help them with this too


Good point. I agree that these centralized sites sometimes are against us because of many scams out there. The same happens to me. I'm in several Crypto and Blockchain groups on Facebook, they are in Spanish, but I have been doubtful to promote HIVE because there are many scams. Their first thought would be "surely a scam!" and many of these people are only interested in trading and only deal with top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now DOT.

I will think of strategies because there is good potential. Thank you for your comment. @eddiespino.

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I’m dropping links to great posts with catchy titles and leaving some commentary there. That is a lot less suspicious than saying “Join Hive and earn money!” And will increase recognition