The downfalls of sending Precious Metals through the post.

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My name is WELSHSTACKER and I'm a bad friend..... OK, let me explain, I'm not really a bad friend, more of a lazy friend!! Yeah, lazy, that sounds better.

If you've been waiting for some silver from me, then you're in luck. After the debacle of numerous attempts to get silver shipped outside of the United Kingdom, I think I've finally cracked it, and more to the point paid through the nose for it. Thanks to some rather crappy rules and regulations set out by Her Majesties Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Royal mail, I've had every package I've sent in the last year "returned to sender". OK, admittedly, one was destroyed on route to the USA and I had to pay for it to be returned (what was left of it) from the sorting hub in Ireland, and then thanks to #covid its taken me far longer than I though I would to make it back to the post office, but hopefully, a few lucky people from the #silvergoldstackers community should be getting some silver and other things in the post very soon.

So sorry that your silver has taken this long to make it to you, but if you know who you are, and are expecting things from me, then you might just be in luck very soon.


Hmmm..... Do I get another Secret Santa LOL!😇

You can't control the mail! If there is a way to slow things down, they will surely find it!😜

Better late than never, @welshstacker!

I think the Canadian Postal service has photocopied the operations page from the HMRC which may explain my Post Office's marked downgrade in service.

@kerrislravenhill I sometimes feel my address has been added to some sort of "list". All throughout 2019 & 2020 any package/large letter I sent containing PMs got opened and threatened with distruction because it controvened some bullshit postage rule. I got stung with fines and having to pay returned postage for some stuff they destroyed and sent to their Ireland main depot.

You wouldn't believe the customs forms I have to fill in now. There's more paper work and weight stuck to the outside of the package, than is weight inside. Hahahhaha

CRAs intervention is to open first, miscatagorize the item, apply an inappropriate tax, charge $10 for opening the package and apply a VAT tax on the $10 opening charge and add it to the bill that i must pay before receiving the package that is sealed in a heavy plastic bag with paperwork taped all over it. Filling the paperwork and expect 8 weeks minimum wait of any returned charges.

Well i don't feel so bad now, knowing that it's not just me getting screwed over. Lol


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