Secret storage, lost or misplaced?? Either way, I found it again.

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I just feel the need to share this little gem of a coin I came across cleaning today. I have no idea why it was in the back of a cupboard, but there it was, sitting there amongst the elastic bands, package tape, envelopes and other clutter I refuse to throw out (just in case I need this junk obviously)!

That's the trouble with being a silver stacker..... Its not really "trouble", more of a delight to find a random ounce of silver, and I'm guessing I'm not the only stacker to constantly find the odd ounce here and there, dotted around the house?


I do love the Mexican Libertad, and this may well have been the very first one I ever bought. I'm relatively new to the stacking game, you see I only started back in 2015. You see I wanted a way to pass on my wealth to my son, he was due December of that year, and silver was the investment of choice.



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Yes, it is always nice to stumble upon a treasure, The Mexican Libertad is one of my favorites. Thanks for showing, @welshstacker.

It's beautiful!!!

It's a very pretty coin and a good choice for stacking, made all that much more precious as it's the year your son was born. Thanks for sharing, and may we all find a little silver we've misplaced in the house!

Finding a generic silver round would be nice.....Finding a Mexican Libertad, that's awesome my friend!🤗

Lol! I'm in the process of trying to find my Remaining Libertads I have hidden in my home so I can finish my Nunja story arc.

It’s great finding pieces. There’s so much stuff I’ve come across going through stuff I’m like when did i buy that?

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It's fine to hide some coins, forget about it and what surprise after some time, isn't it?
Btw. Mexican Libertad is pretty coin. I look on the web sometimes for it...

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.