dCity.io: Investment Went Sour? Tech Cards Not Working

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Today I have decided to test instead of purchasing more professional cards, I have invested a tech card to reduce work force need for factory in order to fill up the needs of other working cards to hire, such as Circus and Gym.

You know, just to reshuffle manpower; so everyone gets a job.

Unfortunately, this didn't work.


Not only it didn't reduce crime % rate, it actually increases crime rate by 5% !

After reading @slobberchops ' comment on yesterday's post regarding investing on tech cards to reduce crime rate, I agreed that this could work; so off I went to shop for some Law & Order (Control) cards to decrease Crime Rate.

I already had Police Equipment card with me, so I went shopping for these 2 instead.


These 2 "new kids on the block" should have somewhat decreased the crime rate....

Apparently not!

Wrong investment? Erroneous calculation of game play? Game Glitch?

There must be somewhere that could have gone wrong, because of the AI Card?

(Yeah.... blame it all on AI!)

How about yours?

Did you encounter the same problem when you implemented an A.I Card; or is it because I have 21 homeless and 10 Immigrants pairs that just wouldn't bothered with Law and Order technology cards?

Do share your experience in the comments below. Your expertiese is greatly appreciated!


hmmm...it always worked for me. I think the problem might be NOT ENOUGH of the police stations.

What are the reasons to collect those drone, robocop, police-equipment cards, if you got not enough policemans to operate them?
I noticed your homeless+imigrant ratio to policestations is just terrible, 30:1

Try to get at least few more police stations. Or sell those homeless....somebody still buys them 😃

I have 20 banks, 40 casinos, 63 shopping malls. And never ever had a crime problem. My Crime probability always = 0.00%
Guess why?
Because I try to never have more than FIVE (5) homeless+imigrant qty (combined), and I keep 73 police stations. POLICE on every corner!
My ratio is 1:15 or more, instead of yours 30:1 . 15 Police stations for every single immigrant !

This is how you can expect those robocops and drones work effectively. 😃
At least I expect this is how it works.

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haha! Wow thank you so much for such a detailed explanation!

I would have thought Robocop would have some leverage over the limited police stations.

I was hoping that job centers would be able to help converting immigrants and homeless sooner, apparently this is rather slow, maybe not enough job centers haha.

Thanks again! I will hope to accumulate enough SIMs for more purchase that soon.

Thank you again for the heads up

However, there's another interesting thing. Before I acquired the AI Card, the ration of 30:1 was at 20% crime rate; however, once I have acquired the AI Card, the crime rate actually increased. 🤔

I have no idea why this might happen

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I think something is wrong somewhere. I am reducing my homeless rate now by 20:2 (in the process) and the game just stopped working haha.

But with 2 police station and 10 immigrants card + 10 homeless, the crime rate doesn't go down.