Why am I Supporting dCity by Reinvesting

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I personally think...

This is the best passive income game I can ever ask for

True during steemCity's launch at the time I invested quite a bit of STEEM to start up just to see how things are working for another NFT game, where I even disagreed with those "fast track gamers" that in order to earn, you got to "be in the race above others".

I was really tired of "running the rat race"... even for games...

I was wondering, "do you really have to fight in every single thing you do?"

Maybe for gaming investors (just like stock traders), it's in their blood.



I am pretty happy with dCity.io so far and I am just using whatever I have earned in SIM to re-invest to build my city.


And sometimes, swapping the SIM back to SWAP.HIVE seems to be more savvy than purchasing outright from SIM tokens. 🤔

I think when then price between HIVE against SIM favours HIVE better; which also means SIM token is stronger?


Stress less game can this be? So far for me, definitely a yes. A tiny bit of investment, that might go a long way in the future. 😁

I still like Splinterlands but it requires more time to battle, and definitely not a stress-free passive income game to look into haha. Storing value? Yes; passive income generator for low investment? Nope.

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