New Challenges? Riots? Disasters?

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Uh Oh!

As dCity actually tries to simulate real world events, apparently there is no running away from the imperfection of this planet: the atmosphere, the humans and the unseen enemies.

So right now apparently before the season 3 cards are launched, the upcoming problems based on the simulation, due to a lot of homeless and immigrants, there seemed to be a high chance that my city could get riots from bad incitement! Not to mention natural disaster could lose power, and I currently haven't got enough cards to be all round ready for famine.

Am I to be panicky?


Certainly not!
Well, at least just try my best to prep up whatever I have.


Maybe getting an extra job center could be a good idea to beef up trainings for immigrants and homeless, hopefully they can become good workers or even talented professionals, before I decided to add police force inside.

But probably hospitals maybe a good idea.

Maybe season 3 cards might have medical staffs cards; but in the mean time, maybe saving up for apartments would do the trick too!

haha I have mixed feelings about the new challenges.

Let's hope I can accumulate enough SIMS along the way to get it ready soon!

Until Then


Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hygine

flatten the curve

Don't let COVID-19 roam for its next victim


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Oh.... I just started this game and this looks like going to advance level! I should have started early! 😅
Please feel free to buy off my homeless any time just like the nice deal you made with me. haha.

Kudos for your bravery to hope to use job center to train your homeless and immigrants.
!BEER for you!

If you have extra beers, remember to trade with me 😁

ha haha... yeah, it is quite a bummer that new challenges are coming, but yeah, if my job center works better, I'll swap with you 2 homeless for 1 worker 😎

Oh you want more BEER? I'll make sure I set some for you!

🤔 hm... maybe 1 worker and some hive for you for 1 worker depending on the market price? 😁

I'll look forward for your BEER!

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