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When this financial system goes tits up, guess what they are going to blame? Bitcoin and crypto currency. Even though it was baked into the cake when they took it off the gold standard. If it doesn't go tits up they going to need Wanchains tech to bridge the british coin into the public crypto frame work. It will be beautiful to watch when the penny finally drops.

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Thank you. Spinning means an intentional attempt to defraud/cheat/deceive.

there is nothing more we can do than waiting and seeing what will happen. This country has already surprised me this year with several things... let's see if they will keep surprising me in a good way!

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This is a welcome development. I hope the 3rd world countries accepts this digital inclined world.

How do you feel about this?

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thank you :) I feel it might be a great thing for our economy... especially now that we are out Europe we can do whatever we want to. ( just to clarify I am European so I am sorry about Brexit )

I think with or without Brexit, British people are well and happy. Not those holding some lands here or there, in Bulgaria or in other parts...but most of them yes. Personally, I'm ok with the lack of any money at all and a society based on transactions that are not financial. But this is an utopy that can turn into a distopy...I like to dream. Going digital is good. Any progress is good in that sense.
Thank you for this article and I will follow you.

going digital is good but has also the bad part of it. Easy to be controlled... like we are losing our privacy. Check now the tracking system put in place for covid... it is something similar that is sharing the location here and there. I dislike it.

I dislike so much control as well. It goes beyond human rights...utopic values of a world living in a lie...
Should all financial assets go digital, that should not imply othering else than discretion and intimacy towards own assets...The Great Reset should be something different....