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Im hoping for the listing of DOGE on their platform. Currently as of this writing DOGE is up 68% and getting listed on coinbase could take it even further north.

Doge went insanely up in the last few days. Not sure they will ever list it...

I'm curious as to what parameters these exchanges look at when deciding on what coins/tokens to list.

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not sure to be honest....

Just buy Dogecoin on Binance.

I finally jumped into binance. Hoping to get verified soon. Thank you

Seriously, about 250 words which are just a simple spin and $70 in rewards? You must be joking! Don't you feel embarrassed about this zero effort bollocks you're posting?

Hi @nathen007 have you seen what an amazing day we had today in UK? Thanks for checking my post and also for commenting this disagreement. I was tempted of not replying you but everyone deserves an answer in my opinion especially if is coming from Bangkok therefore Thailand (that I personally love more than anything else).

I wanted to reply that I don't feel embarrassed at all because I put effort reading news and writing them with my words. Probably for you it could be no effort... I did put effort in it. I did ask people to vote my posts so if they do so perhaps they like it. Don't be angry at me as I don't create problem to anyone especially you and please don't start downvoting my posts because I don't really like it. Said so... even you post had >7$ and had 80 words in it link so as comparison some of your posts are also overvalued.

We are just few hours away so as soon covid will be over I will let you know when I will be in the are and I invite you for a pint!

Have a good day :)

please don't start downvoting my posts because I don't really like it.

This is a really weird thing to say. You know how the reward pool works, if someone feels something is overrewarded they have every right to downvote it and it doesn't matter what you think about it similar to how you can get downvoted on Reddit or disliked on Youtube. The difference here you complain to the person and retaliate but both will be judged by others as well.

Also he's right.

well yes.. I just said that I didnt like being downvoted as I believe nobody does it. Everyone is free to do what ever they want but I am also free to say I dont like it. Thanks for your downvote 😝

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Your articles are spun using an online tool......... :-)

I hope that's not the case where he'd risk getting downvoted to 0, but I do agree that the amount of autovotes he does get just cause he has connections with some of the bigger autovoters aren't fair to the very, very low value of information he may rewrite to post here and the amount of engagement reflect that considering his content is often trending due to the autovotes.

guys reading news and writing them with your words isn't something illegal or in general wrong. I do understand that I might receive more "support" than others but this is due to the fact that I am here since 2016 and I have friends that love my posts and love supporting me. Is this a problem? Whom has been here since the beginning has been more lucky/advantaged than others but at least I have been posting, reading posts and coming here every day since 2016. This is my only "fault" so please I would like yoi stop checking what I have in my pocket and perhaps Nathan be focused on what you write instead of bothering other users because it is quite offensive what you have written so far And I Have Never Offended you!!! Even in this reply I am trying to be as kind as possible not being in any way rude. So I thank you for your effort discrediting me and my work but I would like you will be focus on your work and not on mine that could be easily ignored if you don't like it. Thanks for you time and I wish you a lovely Sunday.

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It's a shared rewardpool, you getting $20 less for a quick post means everyone else gets those $20. There is no "stop looking at my posts and just ignore them" when you're taking rewards from every investor and stakeholder on hive. Your main supporter should consider spreading their votes around more if they want to increase the value of Hive and make this platform more fair, if not then we have tools to help with that -> 25% downvote mana. If he really wants to insist on you getting a certain amount of monetary rewards for the content you produce he will be able to set up recurring payments, a.k.a. patreon style in the next hardfork.