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RE: Is RUNE about to Moon?

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I would tend to agree with you but I do not understand why Liquidity left the protocol recentl (cf picture). Maybe they thought the Token would go up and therefore they would earn more in the ST with 100% RUNE?



This is a great question. Many others are also asking similar ones. This is a fantastic thread describing the liquidity theories behind Thorchain and their recent sushiswap/ETH integrations

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Thanks mate, I will take a look at it, I just searched Thorchain on Youtube and was watching your video haha xD !


I am a happy LP provider btw, I have earned more than if I had just HODL btw, on my 3 LPs (BNB-RUNE / AVA-RUNE / USDT-RUNE).

I will make a post about my experience as a LP provider for the past 14 days.

Cheers mate and keep BUIDLing