Claiming Tokens on Steem Engine...

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Is it just me and my equipment, or has there been some issues when you try to claim tokens on @steem-engine? Not long ago, the claimed tokens were to be found in your wallet, a matter of seconds after you had claimed...Lately, it seems that the waiting time gets longer and longer....sometimes several hours...

Does anybody else experience these issues, and why does the issues occur? Is there something I have missed, does it have anything to do with ressource credits (RC)?

Some tokens seems to not have these issues, and are claimed pretty fast...

Would love to hear from you....write some replies, and get rewarded with some Commentcoins...#cc

Picture downloaded at

That's it guys....
Have a nice day....

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Sometimes scotbot can have issues. I know it’s been acting up today, at least.

You can always claim over on too. We have a claim all button ;)

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Thank you very much for the quick reply...will follow your link to the Dex!!

My post is now more than 15 minutes old, and I still can't see it on the SteemLeo platform...Writing these comments on Steemit...Is that the same issue?

When scotbot acts up, it affects the display of posts on the site as well. Hopefully it’s all in working orde by now

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Looks like its working now...Thanks for taking the time to give an answer!

I'm experiencing the same. Did a post an hour ago on #dporn, still can't see it.
Would be nice to know what is going on.

@vintherinvest, you are definitely not alone with the issues!

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