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I am currently a level 56 player in @risingstargame I have been making 1-2 HIVE worth STARBITS playing the game. These are general numbers. It can be higher or lower depending on the day and how much I play. "Local Mini Tour Support" takes 300 minutes to complete. It is a great mission to start before sleeping and you can wake up to start the exact same mission right after you login on the new day.

Currently you don't get any bonus cards for purchasing 12 Packs at once. What you get is the discount. You only have to pay for 10 Packs. the other 2 are on the house. I made my purchase with STARBITS (which I don't sell to take profits). These will help you have a general idea of a pack opening.

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5

Pack 6

Pack 7

Pack 8

Pack 9

Pack 10

Pack 11

Pack 12

You can start plying the game at

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Great instruments and icons! Also lots of the same! I wonder if its worth opening packs on different days to see if you get a better mix of cards? Or maybe buy in single packs instead of bulk. I have never bought more than 3 packs at a time but always get loads of dups!

I don't see a reason to buy single packs. You get bonus pack for buying in bulk. I assume @risingstargame use unpredicatble blockchain data for Random Number Generation which selects the NFTs you get from opening packs. Opening at different times mean you are exposed to different RNG which could mean better (or worse) rewards.

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Interesting, I'm at 25k Starbits now, need 75k more to open my set of 12 packs, but now I get an idea of what I can get.

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If all things go well, maybe the developers will introduce some special reward to encourage 12 pack Purchases. Best of Luck!

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Maybe I will wait for that to happens.
Thanks, good luck to you too!

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