Guide to Invest in @risingstargame at 22% Discount + Trading on LeoDEX

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I have been playing @risingstargame for a long time without investing my own money into it. I have already made several hundred HIVE worth value out of my gameplay. I have even discovered some nice music tracks from indie artists. I wanted to see if I can manage to get an S14 Romeo by opening 12 Packs as soon as possible. I'm grateful towards the game for the value it has provided so far.

I decided to check the balance and put in my own crypto into the game and see how it goes.


Start By Transferring HIVE to

You are transferring your crypto into HIVE-Engine, but theought an alternative (and in many ways better) interface. Best part is saving 75% on fees. Over time these differences are going to add up. Unless you are in a real hurry, make sure to use


Making The Order


I'm going for STARBITS for a very special reason. It is the same reason I have been a huge fan of DEC as an investment. There is a guaranteed price floor created by a group of DAPP developers. In the case of DEC that is 1 DEC = $0.001

@risingstargame pegs STARBITS at 0.0005 HIVE. This is far more volatile. The liquidity for the assets within the game are much lower than @splinterlans But as long as you are not moving large amounts of funds, you should manage fine.

Trading Around for Better Prices

Order 2.png

That is the price I bought my final 6000 STARBITS at. This is a 22% discount for few minutes of looking and and doing some simple trading. I could have managed to get a much better deal if I had more patience and waited around.

Buying Packs

Buy Packs.png

I'm not going to go through every single pack opening. I will save you sometime by giving you the summery.


What Happened to The Remaining SWAP.HIVE


It was either going to be LEO or DEC. @khaleelkazi has a great track record and has done a great job creating hype for ___________ while releasing almost nothing about the project. That is only 1 out of 2 airdrops. These days most of my liquid earnings are spend on LEO. This should be a good news to any @leofinance authors that ecieve my votes.

That is where you can start playing the game and listen to the artists like @gribbles The developers are continuously adding new cards and even there are many extremely low supply cards that are flying under the radar for NFT collectors mainly because not many people know about this game. If this changes, I have collected myself a solid portfolio

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Thanks for the mention 😀 👍

I'm one of many artists linked to the game - there's some really talented folk submitting music, and you can hear the game's dev, Jux, playing a lot of their tunes every Sunday night on Radio Evolved. It's a place where the game devs, artists, musicians and players all come together and is a lovely way to end a weekend. It's linked to from the Rising Star discord, here.

And, because I never miss an opportunity, if you want to check out my stuff, there's some links 'n' stuff here -->

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Hey @vimukthi, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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Nice, I am currently looking at prices of SB , if it goes below .0003 , I guess I might try to acquire 1 million Starbits.

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Awesome post. I also prefer using leodex, great save. I don't see and romeo's though. Unlucky. Better luck next time.

Thanks for this post about Rising Star, it's a game that I'm playing too.