Bloomberg Release 7 Episode Documentary Series on WeWork + Vision Fund & How Indian Yoga Teacher Beat Business Magnets at Their Own Game

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What could an Indian Guru (basically a yoga teacher) can do better than a silicon valley venture that was trusted and funded by multibillion dollar mega corporations? It turns out there is a lot you can do with the right branding, marketing and managing of the supply chain. None of it includes partying or spitting random baseless words about some ideology.

First of all let's take a quick look at WeWork. If you don't feel like watching 4 hours of documentary footage, this is the place to get the general important points about this financial fiasco that was WeWork.

People Already Saw This Coming

It's not hard to see that WeWork was not even a technology company. They were a real estate company with marketing and online presence. There were many messy things regarding how funds wee managed and how administration worked.

Full 7 Episodes Accessible for $0

This is one of the greatest thing about YouTube. If you try hard enough, you can find Netflix quality content for free and it is completely legal. You are not pirating anything here.

The $100 Billion US Vision Fund

Japanse businessmen isn't known to be bold, unconventional and millennial like. Yet that is what SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son became. He is an odd one and it probably helped him make good decisions and ascend to the top. Begin different still doesn't keep you safe from fundamentals and he fundamentals of projects Masayoshi Son invested in were not very good. Here is a quick review of what happened to the Vision Fund:

Swami Ramdev: The Greatest Master of Them All

Don't be quick to assume. Don't be too quick to judge based on outside superficial things. You can be a simple yoga teacher with a vision, mission and some natural marketing/branding skill and you can create much larger and lasting impact than some business magnets that manage billions while being surrounded by other investors billionaires, entrepreneurs etc.

There are some serious errors in the video regarding his religious status. The western people who produced it probably think everyone who wear an orange robe is proclaiming to be some godman or something. Swami Ramdev has a YouTube channel with 7_ million subscribers and almost billion views.

Official Channel

Acharya Balkrishna owns 99.6% of Patanjali Ayurved (company named after a great sage of ancient times). He was reported by Forbes to have a net worth of US$2.22 billion as of October 2020.

The quality of the products has been questionable (which isn't too unlikely considering they are trying their best to make them cheap). The products have helped create more interest in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as opposed to western medical industrial complex. The company has been good for the country to become more self sufficient. It is all an interesting contrast to see.

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