Whoops... Splinterlands fans missed out on free money.

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I love dCITY, and I love Splinterlands... so when stadium cards in dCITY started airdropping ENTRY tokens everyday, it was beautiful thing. For those who aren't aware, ENTRY tokens can be bought on Hive-Engine, but they're airdropped daily for owners of stadium cards in dCITY.

Why does this matter?

Because everyone who did not participate in their latest ongoing tourney just dropped the ball!

You missed out on free money. Shame on you. :P


The entry fee of the dCITY tourney was 400 ENTRY.


The lowest tier reward was 500 DEC.


Simple math.

There were 50 prizes, but only 40 people entered the tourney! So when one does the math, it cost 1.804 HIVE worth of ENTRY to get in, and at a minimum one would get 3.32 HIVE worth of DEC for participating. If you somehow got at least fourth place, that would've equated 66.4 HIVE worth of DEC.

Keep this in mind going forward, my fellow players.

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You found a pretty nice thing.

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heheeh... Well played and a good catch! :)

Yeah....Missed that one.

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