What Is The Current Mining Power Of FarmFarmer? (11/4/2020)

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ICYMI, @aggroed has a new game out currently in pre-sale: https://peakd.com/farmfarmer/@aggroed/https-farmfarmer-farm-pre-alpha-is-live

FarmFarmer is bound to be a game that is either accentuated or destroyed by game theory. There's a bit of prisoner's dilemma involved in this as participants must in part sacrifice in order to retain a stake in the reward pool and hopefully collectively get rewarded together.

Those with mining power will be able to control the rate governance of all the other mining tokens. Mining power will lead to $FARM generation, which when stake provides $FARMGOV, which changes the rate of the miners/farmers when burned.

As such, it is ideal to figure out just what each character class is capable of generating at present.




At least for now, clearly the computer coders are in control. And the theory is that they'll either be the first to be targeted by all, or they'll dominate and wean the influence of the others. I tend to believe it'll be more of the latter, but this will also be dependent upon willing individuals to sacrifice some of their "rewarded" governance tokens to do so.

By far, the Cattle Rancher continues to be the last remaining "good deal" available. Both the Computer Coder & Gold Miner are now priced accordingly now that their discount phase is over. That said, they still retain favorable mining power rates relative to some of the other token classes.

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