What is the Current FarmFarmer $FARM Distribution Rate

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I realize now that in my last post that I should've expanded out the math to reflect the current distribution rate of FARM relative to the actual individual unit of each mining token class. For reference, here is my last post:


So what is the current $FARM distribution rate based on the existing supply as of 11/4/2020?



By and large, it's still very favorable to be a part of the Computer Coder class at present. Obviously mining rates can change going forward, but the Computer Coders are going to have a VERY strong start to all of this.

For $10, one can still get roughly 45 FARM/year based on the current distribution. Obviously this can and will likely change going forward.

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How to stake and start mining?

Need to buy a card.

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I did, and then?

Wait wait the proyect is in development, this say @aggroed

game hasn't started yet. just wait for word from aggroed