Time to Drop The Phone & Buy Some Farmers (Miners....)

in LeoFinance4 months ago

In case you missed it, a new kickass "game" is underway:


Perhaps we should call it what it really is though: a passive, but competitive mining platform into the development of Hive-Engine.


What???? I'm in!

Miner tokens ftw! This is even better when those eight miner tokens are gamified into generating value for each other through fair competition.

The question will ultimately be if $FARM will eventually have value. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. In a sense, at least in-game it fundamentally will. Outside of the game, who's to say.

BUT as far as that goes, we at least have the word of @aggroed for now:


If this is to be believed that Aggroed will be honoring FARM at a $1 valuation, provided he continues to make new projects. And provided things fair well for the new contracts on hive-engine one would surely hope and expect that aggroed has quite a few more projects to go in this nice blockchain space of ours.

Last of all, recall that this project is being used to fund the greater development of HIVE overall. In a sense, any valuation here is a meaningful contribution to the development of the blockchain we all love.

I'm in. I'm buying, and I'll continue to buy. I'm all for passive mining, and any way to make it even more fun is fun enough for me.

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