The Good And Bad Of Mythical - HIVE's New Idle Miner Game

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For those unaware, a new HIVE-based game focused on idle mining was launched yesterday by one of @aggroed's development teams. Read more here:


Undoubtedly, the launch of this game so quickly after the release of FarmFarmer was a slap in the face to those not accustomed to rapid releases. The release came off as a bit bitter tasting given it largely felt like a rehash/reskin of FarmFarmer.

But without adieu, here's the good and bad I see of this new game:


1. Idle Gaming - Maybe it's because I'm getting older and have less time, but sometimes the only way to play is through idle games such as this. If you value your time, simple games like this allow for "work" to be done remotely and in an automated fashion while still partaking in part of the gameplay.

2. More Token Distribution - One of the largest problems with FarmFarmer was the many people felt like they couldn't get any reward. A big part of this was due to the fact that the gap between those who put in a lot and those who put in a little was large. Most of the rewards went one way, even if eventually those with less would get a hit over time. Unfortunately, no one likes waiting for days to feel like they're partaking in something. Mythical delivers in providing more reward liquidity and appears to be more fairly balanced thus far with a lot more rewards being distributed.

3. More Tokens Overall - If quantity is your fancy, Mythical comes with $MYTHICAL, $SERPENTIS, and $CONTROLUS compared to just two tokens found in FarmFarmer's $FARM & $FARMGOV.

4. More In-game Utility and Optionality - $MYTHICAL can be used as both a means to buy more miners or as a means to mine the next token tier. The same can be said of $SERPENTIS. This provides a bit more play value and decision making, but is still clearly lacking in terms of the level of complexity.

5. Promises - Aggroed noted that unlike FarmFarmer he plans to revisit Mythical to further add some development twists. New characters are likely, but if the game is lagging in terms of adoption, I would not be surprised if a way to boost its overall value can be handled with a few keystrokes. There are promises that the tokens will also be usable in future Hive Engine projects, but this might prove to be somewhat complex without some adjustments.


1. No Value Peg - Unlike FarmFarmer, $MYTHICAL doesn't come with a perceived peg that $FARM did when Aggroed noted he would value it at $1 in future projects. $MYTHICAL doesn't hold such a promise, so price discovery on the token will be far more subjective.

2. Low Trade Value & Volume - Part of the excitement that boosted the value of $FARM and $FARMGOV is unlikely to strike here due to no defined out-of-game value as of yet. Additionally, the game incentivizes staking over trading perse, which also limits how much people will actually want to sell their tokens.

3. Limited Interaction - It's unlikely for any of the perceived "social" fun to ever actually get produced as its far easier to just "fire & forget" if you will by staking your miners and moving on. Most of the initial value stakeholders will be further aligned by the clear mining power champs also limiting much diversification in gameplay.


Overall, I'd say this was a nice adaptation of FarmFarmer, with a bit more playability. But it fails in not having an underlying value peg, which likely led to much criticism of it being a money grab without providing much value to those participating.

That said, Aggroed has suggested that he will be revisiting this game and it will likely prove to be a good sand box scenario of how to fix a less than ideal situation - a testing ground that he himself suggested that he was looking for. Whether much effort is actually put into doing so is far from clear. But perceivably it would not be very hard at all to spruce this game up a bit if you took just a bit of the funds raised to create some incentives that just appear lacking in the moment.

Want to play? If you believe of buying low and selling high, now might be the time to add a few miners & give this a spin while the sentiment is low and the game has just launched without runaway leaders in the present.

One thing I might add is that people kind of forget that every new platform is kind of a new experience and community in itself. In a sense, it might as well be a Tribe in itself, albeit one with less interaction perse. Someone who invested into the game is not going to be leaving anytime soon especially when there's so little maintenance for them to handle, and the game's tokens WILL have value.

With an idle mining game like this, it's not difficult to retain members or even attract new members looking for the possibility and thrill of some kind of yield. I don't see this game disappearing anytime soon, and I do believe it will begin to take on its own form of value, even if it may not have been a clear winner right out of the gate and a fair price of anything is still being discovered.

A look at the current $MYTHICAL Richlist as of today, the day after game launch:


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hi and thanks for this nice summary. Were do you find the $MYTHICAL Richlist? :)