Over $1600 Worth of Cattle Ranchers Sell Off Overnight

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Crypto investors are pouring into FarmFarmer, a new mining token experiment/game by @aggroed, which is mining the $FARM token pegged at $1/FARM into future HIVE-based projects.

As I noted in my last post found here, it's all about that Cattle Rancher right now. Not only does she have 4 mining power in the present, but she's also the only miner currently discounted in FarmFarmer.


The left is a supply snapshot of yesterday as FarmFarmer goes live. The right is a snapshot as of right now.


That's a lot of cattle ranchers that just got sold. A little over $1600 worth of cattle ranchers. It's kind of making me FOMO a little bit. Especially with only 3312 left before she's fairly valued again.

One thing you might not be thinking about:

One additional point about the Cattle Rancher you might not be thinking about is the fact that she has the largest "potential" power supply out of all the characters in the game. With a total supply of 15,000 cattle ranchers and an initial power of 4, that put's her character's power influence at 60,000. The next largest potential power supply is the Horse Rancher at 33,000. So... what do you think all those miners are going to do? Reduce their own mining capability? Think about it.

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The two biggest players alone bought 1k each yesterday. I think they will focus on CR

@abachon The CR players need to rally to fend off a potential coup from abrockman, who owns 88% of the SM. But yah, if enough people buy CR, it should definitely hold its weight.

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