FarmFarmer - The Threat Of A Monopoly May Have Just Ended

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This could have been your Overlord

I think it's safe to say that the threat of an outright monopoly was dealt a serious blow today as the GOVERN function of FARMGOV went into effect. Players can now use their FARMGOV tokens on their wallet screen by clicking on the "govern" option next to their FARMGOV balance. They'll be prompted with a screen like that below:


A Bullet Dodged?

What may have been a long-term devastating blow was the fact that a single player owned 88% of the Stone Miners. What's more is that this person was widely diversified across the field in the other categories and so there was a very tangible threat that this person could siphon & outperform everyone else in allocating essentially all of the mining power into a single character in which they dominated.

But as the new govern function became known, it's becoming increasingly unlikely for this to occur. Why? Because the cost of changing the mining power is just far too great. It costs 1 FARMGOV to move the mining power just 1/1000 points. Keep in mind that the Computer Coder starts at 20.000 and the Stone Miner started at 0.500 mining power. For perspective, it will take 19,500 FARMGOV in order for that Stone Miner to be pushed up just to match the power of the Computer Coder, let alone exceed it thereafter.


While I for one fully applaud the developers for implementing this somewhat low-impact governance, it does come at a price. For all of the past week, FARMGOV was basically being bought up by that one single individual, and at extremely high prices.

I severely doubt this will continue. Indeed, I would expect for FARMGOV prices to dramatically decline in the near future in light of it's limited impact to the game dynamics. While this might hurt in the FOMO compartment of getting high prices, hopefully it does increase the willingness of people to actually play the game rather than treating their FARMGOV like the new Bitcoin.

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Have you heard of Mythical?

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Yup, the big letdown to some, but frankly still a place to hide some value in imo.

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Very good assessment of the situation, I see it the same way.

With one exception: I don't think that so many new people will join. Due to the fact that a second game was released in such a short time and another one is to follow in December, I'm sure that some doubts have arisen. Especially since the fictional value of $1/$FARM only exists as long as more and more games are released.

Its hard to call it "fictional". Each new "game" adds another outlet for value storage, and considering the idle nature of all these, it can begin to create its own ecosystem of value over time. But we'll see how this all plays out. In the very least, I wouldn't expect the content creation to end anytime soon given how simplistic setting these up seem to be. Hopefully, they just become more varied than how Mythical came off as... which was pretty much a cookie cutter re-skin of this. Not ideal, but still not without its own merits depending on where he goes with it.

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Currently I would call the value fictional, because the aim of the two games is farming and it's only possible to sell these token to other players, who also want to farm token.

In order to make the whole thing a success, a game should be created that has real added value (fun). The problem is that by then a huge amount of tokens has accumulated, so that the "last game" hardly generates a low amount of new revenue.

I'm not sure about the plans of developers about this game, but creating another one almost the same, rises some serious concerns about this one, and the new game also...

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