FarmFarmer is Growing Fast: A 2-day Snapshot

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Things Are Moving Fast

Let's take a look at the mining power distribution across characters for FarmFarmer. The game can be found at and more can be read about this by reading through @aggroed latest posts.

The following is a snapshot of the distribution taken on the day the game went live. Yes, let's remember that this was just two days ago.


Now below is the snapshot of the distribution as of right now as I write this post. As you can see, there's been a clear shift towards a massive buying of the Cattle Rancher as expected. Indeed, over $4900 worth of Cattle Ranchers have been sold in a short 2-day time period. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if the discounted Cattle Ranchers (50% off) sell out in the next day or two leaving 7500 normal priced Cattle Ranchers still for sale.


Overall, the game is proving to be quite a success from a fundraising standpoint. We'll have to see how it plays out from a gaming standpoint.

But as things stand now, about 34% of the total theoretical mining power has now been unleashed into the game. Therefore, all things remaining the same, and IF the game actually sells out entirely, current miners can expect about 2/3 less reward from their existing mining power.

Indeed, those who have mined FARM thus far have actually done quite well thus far from an ROI perspective. FARM and FARMGOV continue to fetch lucrative prices with FARM staying relatively sticky around its pegged value zone of $1/FARM.

But of course, no one expects things to actually stay the same the way things are now. This is particularly true as FARMGOV burning comes into play. So, game on.

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How do we see if we have any FARM?

Is this found in our Hive-Engine wallet or is it on the site?

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both. hive-engine but also on the site wallet, which was newly implemented.

can also look on hive engine explorer:

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