Farm Farmer - The Stone Miner Sold Out?

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Things appear to be moving fast for the new HIVE-based mining game, Farm Farmer. Earlier today I posted this:

It now looks like we have 3 characters SOLD OUT during the pre-sale. For those unaware, these are mining token assets which when staked, will provide governance that'll dictate the speed of the other miners. It's a bit of a prisoner's dilemma concept working in a 0-sum game.


That said, it appears the game has now raised at a minimum $5625. Again, I'm guessing its a lot more than this as people diversify into multiple characters.


That said, based on the above, I was actually somewhat surprised to see the Stone Miner sell out third given it is not as advantaged from a mining perspective as the Cattle Rancher. With the ongoing 50% discount to the Cattle Rancher, The Cattle rancher is getting 2.67 POWER/$1 whereas the Stone Miner is getting 1 POWER/$1.

This suggests to me the following:

  1. Either people don't understand what is going on and are just diversifying across the board.

  2. Someone wanted to max out the supply count (which was the third lowest after all).

  3. A lot of small-time players unable to afford the higher costing assets are getting into this.

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Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day

I thought about Stone Miner, same as Bronze Miner. Ended up with some Cattle Ranchers due to the sale.
Sure I won't get heaps and heaps compared to others that will buy up many more, but I can at least get some decent token mining going when that is implemented!

I think the Stone Miner is either a whole lot of small buys from people with less amounts or a few people buying bulk amounts while it is the cheapest one and easier to buy up a lot of.

Got to get in while you can though and prepare for the mining to build a supply for when governance comes knocking.

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It looks like abrockman bought the majority of the Stone Miners... interesting strategy.

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I didn't buy any of the cards because there is no Hivesigner, but only keychain.

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