Farm Farmer - 2 Classes of Discounted Cards Left

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Farm Farmer is a mining token game created by @aggroed where players can mine $FARM, a hive-engine token that is expected to be honored at $1/FARM. The time to claim a stake in this crypto "land" sale starts now.

In my last post, the Stone Miner sold out along with the Computer Coder and Gold Miner. However, this morning several more of all three of those classes popped back up on the system. I wish I could explain it, but I can't. The only thing that makes sense to me is that these were tokens put back on sale due to failed payments and/or refunds. And given that these aren't yet official tokens on the blockchain in your account, this makes sense.


That said, that second chance to buy discounted miners sure didn't last. The Stone Miner sold out once again, and if one pays close attention to the Computer Coder in the image below, you'll see she's now got 240 left in supply at $10/token. That means someone or some people have already bought her at the full price which was double her initial listing.

For now, it appears the Gold Miner and the Cattle Rancher remain the most ideal to buy now given their mining POWER relative to their cost. Each class continues to sell at a 50% discount.

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