Buying Into Rabona, The Latest HIVE-based Soccer Tycoon Game

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One of the latest games to come about is a promising soccer management game called Rabona.

Who would have thought that fantasy sports could become even more thrilling when you actually partake in some of the game-making decisions & franchise management operations? Especially when crypto-based rewards are distributed every season to put a real incentive on the line for all players!


For a small $5 HIVE starter set, investors gain access to their own football club, some players, and the ability to upgrade various buildings in order to optimize how much RBN, the in-game currency, can be generated. I believe there are plans for RBN to possibly become a tradeable token in itself down the road as the ticker is already reserved on hive-engine.

Here's what my team looks like thus far:


Apart from a trade, and signing another player that looked cheap to me, the rest were generated from the starter set.

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a soccer player myself so it took me a little research to actually tell the advantages of various formations. But what I found to be fun was the ability to train your players and see how their stats get both upgrade in degraded in various ways based on your decisions.


Some nice in-game balance:

What I like about the game so far is that it strikes a nice balance overall. It's default auto-play allows for investors to optionally treat this game as a passive reward miner. Alternatively, one can jump in and get a bit more hands on in the actual game play. But what I like most is how the in-game players age and stats peak and decline providing for a nice churn as managers will eventually have to replace all their team players.

There are some fun sinks too. The ability to freeze player assets costs a fee. Likewise, the asset-discovery generator used for scouting new recruits also provides for a fun sink for RBN. Likewise, some small tap-on in-game fees allow for a nice external revenue source for the game, which hopefully puts part of that back into the reward pool for the leagues.

I'm still waiting for my first season to start, but thus far, I really like the balanced tone that the game strikes so far. I can see this being something that provides perpetual entertainment without too much time-commitment ... especially in a world where real sports may be on pause in the near future!

Feel inclined to play? Use my referral link and we both receive 25,000 RBN.

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