An Early Analysis of Beatrix Ironhand

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ICYMI: The next Untamed card set airdrop will soon be upon us with the release of Beatrix Ironhand -


An Early Review

First and foremost, its ideal to point out that that Beatrix already has a sturdy ranged attack of 3 dmg starting from level 2. This alone already places her in a useful position for lower leagues, especially when we consider much of her basic attributes like speed and health do not increase much more with additional levels. Again, by level 2 she already has a respectable 4 speed and 5 health to pair along with that 3 attack.

At 6 mana cost, she's not exactly cheap to play, but could easily find herself in teams with mana caps in the low-20 range or higher.

Without a doubt, any excitement over her will effectively lie in her new ability of Close Range which allows her to continue attacking in the front position. One thing I would point out is that this is effectively already an ability we're accustomed to under the existing game rule sets.

Close Range does make Beatrix a feasible option in the middle of most teams starting with the 2nd position. However, with only 5 HP, she might be better suited in the 3rd position. TTechnically the further back she is, the most application of her other ability of Cripple gets put to use.

That being said, however, Cripple tends to be a rather underwhelming ability in general. With most matches resolved within a few short rounds, Cripple rarely gets to be used to its full potential. Rarely is a monster with cripple able to lay more than 1 or 2 hits on a monster before it is taken care of.

With a Prince Rennyn, Beatrix undoubtedly earns a significant boost due to its ranged attack, an increase of health (and subsequent increase to its Thorns capability), and in its speed which helps to get those attacks to actually stick.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I believe Beatrix Ironhand is a monster that will find much use in the silver and gold leagues but become a bit underwhelming as the player enters into the diamond and champion leagues. She undoubtedly has some additional versatility with rather uncommon abilities of Close Range and Cripple, but these abilities also provide limited additional functionality more often than not. When used, she will undoubtedly pair very nicely with a Prince Rennyn and should find a sweet spot best served in the 2nd to 4th defense position.

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I think this game demonstrates the diversity of uses for NFTs and the great aspect of drawing people to the Community who have no interest in cryptocurrency or its under pinnings, they are just here to play games and make money. The fact that the underlying mechanisms involve cryptography is unknown or unimportant. Thats the beauty of commerce mass adoption, and this game can bring it.
I also like this card. :)

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