The Competition is getting Healthy - The Race to 100 million tokens Stake

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True community goals are achieved when every member of the community gets interested in the overall goal of the community and contributes their quota to make it happen. This is just the beauty of decentralization and a decentralized community like Hive already models that. Here, we all see ourselves as owners of the blockchain and that with our stakes.

While growing my SPORTS stakes last year, a friend popped into my inbox at one point and mentioned that I should buy off the SPortsTalkSocial community and this suggested was motivated by my push to buy tokens and holding a top stake then. In fact, I didn't need to buy off the community, all I needed to do was keep buying and hold a controlling stake in the community.

The liberty we have here on Hive as top stakeholders is that we earn or buy our tokens to build our stakes all the way up unlike what happened on Steem last year when Ned sold to Justin Sun what was ninja mined as community tokens meant only for development.

Thanks to the fact that the Sports Talk Social (STS) that is already operating on stake-based governance where users participate in governance decisions for the community based on their Governance Power which is a function of their proportion of toke stake held. With your stake, you own the tribe to the proportion that your stake hold with respect to the total tokens stake.


Over the last few weeks, I have been keenly leading in SPORTS Power with over 10 million tokens and at some point it seemed the interest was going down since there wasn't other users pushing up their stakes at the pace I did mine. I think this made it quite sluggish to reach the 100 million SPORTS stake mark I thought would have been possible by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Glad to have looked up the SPORTS richlist on LeoDex just to discover that @mk-sports-token is building up his SPORTS stake at a speedy rate and now stands at top stakeholder spot. With his near 80 million tokens, I am motivated to re-strategise my staking game to regain my top spot. Glad also to see @Eldkarnie on the top third spot with over 70 million tokens in stake.

We now have a healthy competition within the STS community and hopefully, this will open up more interests for more investors to buy into the token and be motivated to grow up the ladder too. In a few weeks, we should have over 10 users holding at least 50 million SPORTS token in stake and that means a whole lot for the health of SPORTS as well as the sustainability of the token.

I'm gathering up to build my stake to the 100 millionth stake mark in the next run and that can only be the beginnings.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

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Interesting. If given a chance I would like to join this campaign and hold huge amount of sports token. Hopefully

Just start buying up sports token on hive engine or leodex to join in because earning sports for writing content won't get you there

Glad to see more people staking sports this days. I hope it keeps increasing and more new investors join in