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RE: Leofinace : The Initiative Of 10

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This would be an awesome game. I hope Dalz can track the daily comment stats on Leofinance frontend. Certainly peaking 1000 comments daily from 100 active posters would help moon the SEO of This is because it increases the time-on-site for the website.
I'm in for this.

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If there is anyone who can track it, it will be @dalz.

I am sure if he looks at it as a challenge, he will get to the bottom of it.

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Ok deal :)
Is ranking the top 10 or 20 authors on a weekly level that commented on leo good enough? Then we can maybe give away some tips etc ...

I can add that char in the weekly stats.

Sure that would be a great way to do it. After a few weeks of working the system out, maybe we can put together a contest to encourage people do get involved. Exempt a few of the bigger accounts that are active in commenting and inspire some of the smaller accounts a change to add to their stake.

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Really an awesome idea to help the small accounts grow through engagement. Will start tracking the SEO of once that starts.

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Glad you'll be doing this for us.

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