On-chain Direct Messaging - A great tool to improve SEO for Hive Websites

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Few weeks ago, I was fascinated by the growth of a semi-decentralized crypto powered blogging blockchain - Uptrennd. The native token - 1UP experienced an unexpected 10x price racing during the bitcoin bull last month. I was drawn to do a little research about the platform and the tokenomics of 1UP and it was an amazing adventure.

One of the things I so admired about the platform was the on-chain direct messaging tool that enabled users to talk to each other on a private level. I wished Hive had such feature, then we'll be complete socialmedia portfolio with Web 3.0 protocol. From my research, the governance of Uptrennd is not decentralized and a user's balance can be zeroed or negated without his knowledge.

As far as decentralization is concerned, Hive blockchain stands out and its build features makes it an embodiment of all-round possibilities when compared to the singular strengths of other blockchains. @Nathanmars had complained on Twitter some weeks back that Hive users should stop using Discord and there should be a creation of a Hive-based chat tool for users and communities.

The on-chain direct messaging tool would be an amazing feature that has the potential of improving the SEO ranking of Hive websites. This is so because Alexa includes "Daily Time on Site" as one of the metrics used to compute the ranking of a website. With On-chain or On-website chat feature, there will certainly be a rise on each user's Daily Time on Site which will in turn improve the SEO ranking for the Hive websites.

Reaching this post by @Aggroed was quite raising my hopes that better days are nearer for the Hive blockchain and HIVE as a cryptocurrency. BEECHAT will keep users to spend the time they are currenlty spending on Discord right on the Hive websites. A few takeaways from Aggroed's post that motivates this discourse are as follows.

BEECHAT is a project ... It's the ability to talk to your fellow Hive members directly in the website.

We're working on open sourcing the client side as we speak. We need a add a few more basic features, but we expect this to happen in SEPTEMBER! Maybe it's pushed to October, but this is happening soon.

With this feature on Hive, there would be stronger bonds of collaboration among the users of the blockchain and community members. Knowing that it would be possible to start using this feature in the next few weeks is much more exciting. This is because there will be a massive adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2021 and having the BEECHAT feature running would be an edge for Hive.

If I send you a message on nftshowroom.com and you're logged into lensy.io you'll get the message on both platforms (still have to implement chat on lensy, so this is an example).

At first, it seemed that the feature would only be available for nftshowroom.com and other direct project supervised by Aggroed, however, it was sounding more meaningful to know that the chat feature would be global. This implies that the several interfaces of Hive could be able to link up with the previous chat history with a particular in as much as the key is used.

I think that the memo key should be used for this purpose in order to keep the content encrypted just for the two users involved. But how about community chat operations which would involve more than two users? Maybe such function would be interface-bound, I think.

Chatting should be 1000BEE free. Maybe there's some advanced features we'll charge for, but adding it to your site will involve incorporating open source code for free, and using the messaging service will be free.

I know that every development coming from the second layer enthusiast's side do come with a fee, but so far, all the products released are unique and worth the fee. I'm a witnessed to the huge impact f Dswap on Hive token health while it is yet to be a month old. 1,000 BEE however seems very costly for the "advanced features". Lol, I'm not a coder and don't how much effort is needed and bugs to debug.

Summarily, BEECHAT is an awesome thought that would change the face of the Hive blockchain. I'm sure there would be some users who'll spend most of the time there just as it happens on discord. I'm sure that the LeoFinance community won't delay in adopting the feature once it goes life. We've been musing over it lately.

Let's keep building on Hive to make it a global Web 3.0 Social media.

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There was a time I thought about this. Glad we many having this same views. I look forward to the BEEChat

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I see great potentials lurked in that project. October is just a few days ahead.

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I didn't know this about BeeChat, but I did hear that Dapplr has some ideas and development of integrating chat into their dApp... I know that it's only for mobile, but still, that's good news...

BEECHAT is not yet live. I'll check-out the Dapplr feature. Thanks.

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Dapplr is also just in their "roadmap"... So, still not live

This sound just like i am saying let's affiliate with virtual communities. Great views sir.

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I think insite chat is a function we've all been shouting for and so glad its here, discord is great but having a cross-platform chat clearly is a better solution. Hopefully it will also be supported by the mobile apps like dapplr and ecency too as well as actifit that would really take it to a whole new level

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The direct chat on the Web helps connect users from around the globe. The idea of having to chat a person up without going through the process of locating them on discord is something to appreciate and welcome. This is a really great idea Sir, and we can't wait for this project to be actualized.

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