LeoFinance.io outperforms Counterparts in Alexa Social Engagement Analysis

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The engagement in the LeoFinance community on the Hive blockchain in the recent days is breaking new ranks in Dapps and website rankings world over. LeoFinance.io presently takes the 24th spot on stateofthedapps and the 5th spot on hivedapps.com. This is just the beginning of the surge around the community which seeks to be a home for all cryptocurrency communities and where a first hand information about cryptos can be obtained.

The very beautiful thing about LeoFinance is that users who create contents about cryptos and others who consume the contents earn alike. LEO (on the Hive blockchain) and WLEO (on the ETH blockchain) are earned from engaging crypto contents in the leofinance website.



As at the time of penning this post, leofinance already has made a record of 266 daily users. That value is still below 10% of the target 4,000 daily users predicted to catalyse the LEO token price to $2. I see this happening in 2021. We are growing and its quite encouraging.

Yesterday, while looking up Alexa analytics for leofinance, I discovered how much growth the website has experienced which makes it rank among top 70k websites worldwide. My predictions is that by January 1, 2021, leofinance should be among top 30k websites worldwide. The growth in the statistics of the website reveals the exposure to the crypto communities out there and finance experts.

This write specifically looks at the social engagement analysis of leofinance according to Alexa indices. Emphasis are on social topics and popular articles.

1. Top Social Topics

According to Alexa, web articles that are shared on Twitter and Reddit are analysed and ranked. The topics that earn high engagement in the tweets and reddit posts are categorized and statistics are linked to the source websites. The topics are based on engagement from the past year, updated monthly.


From the above screenshot, Leofinance.io was recorded to have contributed highly engaed topics to Twitter and Reddit in the following areas:

  • Financial Advise
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto Currency.

Leofinance outperformed other related websites contributing similar topics by recording 48 average engagement and 90 total articles in the "financial advisers" category. "Blockchain" based contents recorded 28 average engagement and 197 total articles in favour of leofinance.io while "cryptocurrency" articles from leofinance.io recorded 25 average engagement and 222 total articles. In all three categories, stat for leofinance scaled above the average recorded for other websites.

Avg. Engagement: The average social engagement per article = Total Engagement / Total Number of Articles. Total Engagement = (Twitter retweets + replies + likes) + (Reddit comments + voting activity).

Total Articles: The number of articles mentioned in public Twitter or Reddit posts relevant to this topic.

2. Popular Articles

Popular articles according to Alexa analysis are the articled shared on Twitter and Reddit which which are perceived to have most likely earned the interest of the audience of these websites. Stats are captured from the past year, updated monthly.


It is interesting to see that @threespeak, @beehivetrader, @artdefi and @khaleelkazi contributed the most popular articles. The links to the articles are as follows:

Total Engagement: The number of times that people engaged with public tweets or Reddit posts that mention the article: (retweets + replies + likes) + (Reddit comments + voting activity).

Total Shares: The number of times that this article was shared on Twitter or posted on Reddit: (Twitter tweets + retweets) + Reddit posts

From the above, it is indeed important to see that the #posh initiative is helping to add more value to the leofinance websites. Thanks to @poshbot for recognizing links from leofinance.io and recording such for the user who tweets it. Amazingly, there are crypto rewards for sharing Hive based posts to Twitter.

This is just the beginning of beautiful things to happen. I see more unique growth of the finance website as our user-base improves.

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This is all great news. Thank you for gathering the information and relaying it to us in an easy to follow format.

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Leo Finance has always been the talk in Hive since a few months ago and I can see why... the core team have been hard at work in making Leo the best place to discuss finance and crypto in general. They have done a variety of improvements in the user experience and they are still working on things to innovate the Leo platforms.

I won't be surprised if the price of Leo will shoot to the $1-$2 range any time soon.

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similar topics by recording 48 average engagement and 90 total articles in the "financial advisers" category

as someone who makes way too many comments per day i approve!

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It's all growth at the moment. It just goes to show what happens when you get the right team, with the right plan, working on the best blockchain. Great to see it.