Indecision with buying LEO? Price was Half of present as at 30 days ago

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Sometimes with the volatile characteristic of cryptocurrency, one may always be twisted between the decision of buying or not buying at a particular. The very popular indicator for most buys/sells of crypto are always due to FOMO and news and over time, this has left many unexpectedly rich while others have had their bags drained.

While trying to talk to some friends about LEO, they thought, it's one of those crypto hypes especially as the price of HIVE has been on a downtrend in the past months. I remember 7 months ago when I was contemplating whether to fill my LEO bags at $0.05 though I had the assurance that LEO will bull but my problem was "when?".

Being an average income earner with just enough for myself and family and some fractions for savings one I had to really bite myself hard to have staked most of the tokens I had over the last months when they were still insignificant in price but today, I hail myself for such decisions.

Looking at the chart above, my engagement in LeoFinance started when price was a bit less than $0.01 immediately after the Hive fork from steem. I was able to load my bags from post earnings and purchases till when the price hit $0.05 when we began to see a deviation from an upward trend. At that price, I coundn't risk buying more but after a few days of inactivity in the chain I came to discover that LEO did breakout towards the $0.1 mark and since then the story has been different.


Also look at the LEOM chart above, I had purchased some LEOM at the base price of 2HIVE per miner and hodled them for about two months before beginning to sell in bits. O had long attained over 1000% ROI on LEOM investment and still have some left to sell when the price hits 100 HIVE.

Surely, the difference between loss and gain with crypto holdings is time and that for a project that is committed to building. @LeoFinance is one project on Hive blockchain that has been building minded and this makes it a centre of reference in the crypo space.

I won't be surprised that within 5 years time, a unit pf LEO could be sold for $100 or more with the trend its following. Only long term Hodlers and stakers would be able to boast of 1000x ROI by then.


Above is also the LEOMM chart, the price just hit 135 HIVE per miner and that's about $15 each. The miner was meant to give 8x of LEO rewards daily but presently, they are worth 38x and still counting.

It's time to pay a focused attention on @leofinance and its roadmap for 2021 to be informed on the direction of the crypto. By my prediction, $1 is achievable before June 2021 with the present trend and there's no possibility of a downtrend as millions of the tokens are already burnt.

The future where crypto holders would now fill up the top World Billionaire list is quite closer than we thought. Stay connected!

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I'm expecting ETH to top out between $10,000 and $15,000 9-12 months from now. Thanks to wLEO and how the pool works, the rise in the price of LEO will not go up linearly when ETH goes up. LEO will probably top out somewhere between $10 and $20. It could go higher because there will be other pools than the one wLEO/ETH pool on Uniswap and because the ecosystem will keep developing at a pretty rapid clip. When LEO is above $5 it will be possible for many to earn a living by being a freelance crypto/investment writer on the platform.

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The current price of Leo at about 0.4$. I still see it as still low, when you are a long term investor you'll be able to buy now even when other are Complaining it's high and are still in a decision making process of whether to buy or not

I'll surely try to get as much as I can. It's better to keep trying than doing nothing because nothing grows.

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Very true. With the option of earning, things get much more merrier on LeoFInance.

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I'm always nervous about buying too close to an ATH... Really glad we can earn #LEO by blogging though!

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For LEO, one can comfortably buy the ATH as we are still in the beginnings. As the announcement of an announcement comes, we'll hit a new ATH value in LEO price.

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That's fair.

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I agree.
I kept looking at LEO and was sure it would go up, but didn't know when.

I think the lesson is when you believe in something use the old saying of "put your money where your mouth is"

I think there is still time to buy LEO and enjoy the BUll run.

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I'll agree with you that timing is something crucial when it comes with markets generally. Knowing when to buy and sell is in itself an asset.

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