Hive's First Anniversary, How I'll Celebrate in my Locality

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There will be no better day to do it than on Hive's First anniversary. I want my neighbours and friends to have Hive imprints in their homes and offices. I will be hosting a meetup that would ring together my Hive invitees that stay around so we can discuss the future and possible hinge on to provide a tech solution on Hive. I think it's time I start building here having secured some good spots in the tribes.

We'll make the day memorable and help a lot of others join us. Having 5 new users wouldn't be bad afterall. I am thrilled each time I look back to see how well a few who stayed out of the many I've helped to create their Hive accounts. Most of them are doing well and have started their businesses courtesy of Hive earnings. One told me yesterday how she bought her sewing machine. That's incredible.

I love seeing people be happy to shoulder their responsibilities especially in an area where others want to be parasitic. I found Hive as a place where many could get employed and even build their dreams. Happy that the vision is coming to light gradually.

Leaving lasting impressions have always been my motivation in life. I wish to leave a place and people batter than I met them. This is why I will be having many Hive branded products out there as free gifts tomorrow to celebrate Hive first anniversary. I'm much grateful to God for helping me be at my best with engaging this blockchain over the last One year and accumulated so much wealth and influence.

These branded products have been over the months and I've been giving them out in bits, but this time would be bigger and better. From education to sports and more. Everyone would just find an interesting gift to hold on with. Maybe I'll have to make a video tomorrow to show who got what. Thanks, its a weekend and we'll all have the time to make it interesting and fun.

I'll use the anniversary celebration to promote the blockchain, the communities (projects) and the products that are tangibly mined from here. I want to let young people there know that beyond a 8- 5 regular traditional work, one can stay home, relaxed and creatively make a meaningful financial future with socializing amongst other awesome deliveries of Hive blockchain.

I will cease the moments to educate the existing users on how to gainfully engage the commnunities. I've personally been looking for these indices:

  • development,
  • innovation,
  • engagement,
  • reward system,
  • learning tendencies.
  • Opportunities for growth.

We may likely officially flag a new community (if all resources are in place) tomorrow that would drive my vision for the blockchain and my locality in the next years ahead. I trust that I'll earn the much support that can be to build this dream to a tangible outlook.

It's been am accelerating 12 months ride so far and we can only make it bette.

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I am thrilled each time I look back to see how well a few who stayed out of the many I've helped to create their Hive accounts.

I saw few users on @leomarkettalk referring to you as "BOSS" ;) and they said that you brought them over here .

Seriously , great job . Marketing hive in real life through books , amazing :)

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Thanks man. (I love it when folks around me are happy and the best way is to lead them to where I find happiness.

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Very well said , this platform has the power to liberate many people who are struggling , all we have to is guide those people here . Thank you for your contribution :)

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all we have to is guide those people here

This is where the work lies. I personally have to traditionalize the operations of Hive to be able to help my people join. I have to set up an office and they come as a regular work before they can realize the potentials that lurk here.

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that's really awesome, that you are onboarding and helping people in your country by introducing hive and leo! How do you guide them? i mean you have guides and such or through references?

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I'm gladly reducing the poverty and unemployment level by helping many young to secure employment on Hive.

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Chess to HIVE on her one year anniversary celebration. So much possibilities has happened to many people trackable to hive.

Nothing else is important in life if our drive is not to consciously make sure that other lives are better because of us.

Leaving lasting impressions have always been my motivation in life. I wish to leave a place and people better than I met them.

Indeed this is the most amazing thing every individual should strive to do. I mean if a life doesn't have a reason to smile on account of you, then your presence in the life wasn't necessary at first.

I see you scaling greater height in the coming years as hive clocks 1.

Happy birthday to Hive.

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Thanks for those kind words. I can only do it better.

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This is a perfect way of keeping the Hive vibes kicking. It a day we all have been expecting. I thank God for life and his many good plans for us in the blockchain. Congrats on this move sir.

Thanks. I had to postpone the Hive anniversary to this week. I have the time now and will make it big this weekend.

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I really wish to be there to join you in the celebration. Hope you know how booming it can get go with me in the event? 😀😀😀. I don't wanna miss it for any reason.

There wouldn't be any better way to celebrate hive anniversary than this.
And it's a great way to pull more people into the platform who of course would make the most of their stay and also contribute to this space.
You have always made people see good things and do for themselves that would better their life even if it means forcing them
And Hive seems to be a better place to gain some of the basic knowledge and ideas about a particular thing.
Happy Anniversary to Hive In advance

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I'm proud of your ride on the blockchain. I'll be happier to see you bring others here and put smiles on their faces.

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That's my wish too, it's hard to persuade people but I won't give up 😁

Yeah, it's never easy for people to detach from traditional systems just as it wasn't easy for you. You need to continue persuading and showing them results. Start from people you can easily influence.

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Yeah, you are right. I guess I will have to step up

excelente contenido amigo como siempre amo hive

Thanks man for the kind words. We keep growing together.

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