Blockchain Collaboration is Key to Mass Adoption: My Thoughts on "DreamR"

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At some point along the Steem-Hive duel, I ask myself, how would you be able to further convince your friends to Join Hive when all they hear on other socialmedia is the rift between the two chains? More so, when Steem accuses Hive of theft and vice versa. Certainly, some people would think they're not safe in any of the two.

While Steem and Hive were still fighting against each other, Uptrennd came from no where and grew so amazingly in terms of user base and token, yet, we still dwell in one spot accusing the other party for our fail.

Thanks that the fork that separated Hive from Steem went on successful, it's no more important name-calling people, rather it's time that the two blockchains move forward, create their unique niche and grow, in fact, it gets more beautiful if they collaborate in the future.

Lets Disagree to Agree

I would not agree with Justin Sun over the hostile takeover from Steem but we all know who actually jeopardized Steem - Ned and his close team who were privy to the shady sell deal. Also, I would not support any Hivers who tries to make Steem look as trash in the eyes of others when there are still bullies here on Hive.

We've got to grow to the point pg disagreeing to agree. I,m aware much were lost in the tussle to move, many lost their millions of hard earned tokens, but, I think we had moved. let's move forward and give the best to where we presently represent and not look again to the crumbs.

DreamR look beautiful in their plan

Reading this beautiful post by @brofund about DreamR DApp is overwhelming. These lines caught my attention:

This is where DreamR will step in. DreamR will act as a bridge from platforms such as Hive, blurt, and others from places such as Facebook.

Imagine this. You are in your DreamR portal and so far you've collected $100 in crypto and share a nice share-graphic of your earnings to your friends. This is going to be much harder to resist than say a raw paste.

What I seem to understand about DreamR is that it would be a portal for like-cryptocurrency-powered blogging platforms like Hive, Steem, Blurt and many others that would evolve in the future.


My thoughts are that DreamR would accumulate the earnings from the different platform into one single wallet that would be huge in value and perhaps convertible into one token just like Uniswap would do for ECR20 tokens on the ETH blockchain. Amazing!

Some crucial anticipated features of DreamR that catches my attention are that the project would:

  • make users' writing & posting flow more seamless & easy,
  • Increase & automate the content on users' site by setting up users' own niche with your custom curated whitelisted authors,
  • get users' site listed in the main DreamR discovery feed for larger audience,
  • exist on the second layer

Creativity abodes here and I'm looking forward to more of it. Let's grow, let's move forward, let's collaborate.

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