Rabona - Football Manager - Love and Hate - My way into League of Champions

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Game, Investment, ROI or Fun?

Financially I am happy, best season ever, what an investment, what an ROI! Look at the graph!

First of All - Great (Best) Game on the Hive Blockchain

The header is hopefully not misleading - I am addicted to this game by @rondras and @oliverschmidt - I sure am! Just wanted to give you a slight review of my first 9 seasons that been hard, addictive, a bit successful, challenging and summarized - FUN! I always was waiting for a game that combines all i love about gaming, sports and blockchain.

Rollercoaster Rabona for me

It was an intense time during the last two months and I was avoiding sleep a lot simply as I wanted to be successful here, no matter if I pay for a game or earn, the fun is crucial to me. And this what these guys created for me.

First seasons (1-3)

I started season ONE in league 2, D 631 -a tough one with many Germans, e.g. @twinner @muscara and @mima2606. My result was bad, I ended up at position 15 which means relegation - my luck was no one got relegated as not that many teams where playing at the start. Season TWO I improved and ended at number #3 - good season.

Season THREE was the breakthrough and I managed promotion towards League 1, ID 624 - the so-called group of death - I was proud and I was afraid about the future as I landed in the hardest L1 league (still is the toughest one).

Seasons (4-7) in L1, ID 624

Actually was happy to be there, my strategic plan was fulfilled one season earlier, good. But what happened in the death group? I avoided relegation and had a great start with position number 5 after my first season (season 4) there, I became hot for more, next season (season 5) I achieved position 6, followed by position 2 in season 6. I recognized there is one fellow friend here that was winning all and got promoted with some teams! The master of soccer @jelly13 - a guy that is playing and planning brilliant - he also was the first one I exchanged Hive to RBN - he is one of these guys always helping and trying to improve gameplay - thanks for this and also for not being pissed off when discussing on Discord. So, finally my ambition was killing me but I wanted more, I wanted to achieve the next step which would be League of Champions and this Jelly guy did not let me go through - but finally in Season SEVEN I made it!

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My life in League of Champions (8 and 9 yet)

My first season was absolutely great, as new team from L1 I managed to end at 5th position which is fabulous given many other teams have stronger formations - probably I was simply lucky. Now we are in my second season there and it became much harder - currently on a relegation position I simply hope to survive tostay here for one more season at least. Financially I have to as I was investing all toward infrastructure updates, team and scouting so I have to be successful, but all my opponents as well. Great thing is that the entire Rabona ecosystem is full of people that are helpful and nice, we battle on the grid but we help each other on Discord.

Special mention @manniman

Even I consider myself. community and nice guy - we all should thank MANE - he does so much for the game, for hive for the community and he never asks for anything!

Have fun everyone and thanks all that read that post.

If anyone wants to join please feel free to use my link, a win-win as you and me would received 25,000 RBN In-Game Token: https://rabona.io?ref=uwelang


Wow, you really like this game. Also you got some good position in the top spots.

Did you manage to calibrate the financial aspect of the game to remain on the positive side each season?

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yes, at the moment i have some ROI but salaries increase like mad

Do you scout for profitable players? Does it make sense? Also does it make sense to sell them? I think an interesting approach is to have a socios like Real Madrid or shares like BVB, where others can participate with an investment in your clubs success. @rabona, @rondras, @oliverschmid, that would be a very interesting approach, where people from outside can invest in issued shares on a team. This will increase the cash of a club and will probably bring some ROI for the investor! It might be an idea,or?

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Thank you! Somehow I've missed this! This is great news and will bring the game a lot more deepness.

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Yeah, a lot of stuff happens here, it is easy to miss something.

This is great news and will bring the game a lot more deepness.

This fits perfectly with Rabona and Blockchain.

I try, scouting is random a bit, you need luck of course.

I think, when the shares are out to invest in your team, at least that :)

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Champions League!
Aber wie heißt dein Club denn? Habe ich das überlesen?

U-Town 69

Nice battle to the top from the grassroot. I know the feeling of being in the LOD as I am currently there and in the relegation zone. However,it is nice to see you are maintaining your stand in LOC 😂. Kudos! What not to like in rabona? Everything is absolutely loveable.

It is a great game, one i waited for a long time. What is your team?

My team is The Motherfuckers

Nice to stay at 5 Place after first season in champion. Really Good teams There. I just finished My first season 11 . Just over the red zoon...

Good Luck